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  • Tara,

    Yes, this was to be expected. However, I strongly suspect that he will get all the money he is eligible for from the application for Combat Related Special Compensation. This program pays out retroactively, so, all in all, he will not get both, and will be paid a max of 2.5% times years of service in addition to his full VA compensation, with credit or payment for the retroactive part of CRSC. I hope his application goes smoothly and all goes well for the both of you. Feel free to ask any questions.
    He was a E5 in Ft Drum NY 4-31inf. He has VA benefits now. He gets 100% from them. We haven't looked into the Combat Related one but will thank you for that. My husband has another PEB coming up. He knows to bring all records from doctors now and before. Should he call someone to help him with the PEB board.

    It will also be helpful to know how many years of service he has and his rank and former job in the military. Also, it is important that he apply for VA benefits. If applied for within a year of his retirement and awarded at more than 10%, he should get them backdated to the date of his retirement. He should also apply for Combat Related Special Compensation if he has a VA rating. That will be retroactive, as well.
    I will get more information from my husband but I know that he is only temporarly retired so he tells me. I unfortuntly have little knowledge of this all as I met him while he was in recovery. I am starting to see what I can do because I feel he isn't getting what he deserves. It isn't the money we need but feel for my husband he deserves more than 30%. I will find out more from him and let you know.

    Sorry to hear about your husband's injuries. Was he awarded 30% by the Informal Board? Has his case been finalized (i.e., did he already retire, or is he still on orders)?

    Depending on where he is in the process, he may demand a formal hearing, he may fight this issue at the TDRL re-evaluation (a year to 18 months), or at the Army Board for Correction of Military Records. There is also a Physical Disability Board of Review that may be applicable to his case.

    It certainly sounds like he should have been rated much higher. Please let me know any questions you have.
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