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    LOD form number

    I am in the Navy Reserves. Can someone please tell me what dd form number is the LOD? My unit is not knowledgeable of the form number they need to fill out.
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    I realized this since this post. I was told that because I am going through the MRR process that I cannot ask for a LOD. Still waiting on final word about that. But I am going to contact my command to ask for a LOD.
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    Navy reservist, 80% VA rating returned, sent to "MRR", now what?

    Just curious as to what was the outcome of your situation since mine is similar. Did 11 years active duty, and recently got found NPQ with not ratings from the dod. Currently rated 100% through the Va which is what flagged me but Ive been a minimum 70% since I got off of active duty. Also do not...
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    Separated after MRR (USNR)

    just wondering what your outcome was as I am in a similar situation.
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    Reservists asking to be retired from active duty

    What is the average time frame it takes to get a lod?
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    Reservists asking to be retired from active duty

    Roger that. I just 10 minutes ago got a response back from my units medical officer. I have no problem getting IG involved if need be.
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    Gotcha thanks for clearing that up.
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    Thanks, The instruction I have was from 2011. Pretty much the same info though. Good read. Been working since yesterday to contact my unit to initiate a LOD. I was actually told by a Corpman who is in charge of the mrr process where I drill that one individual is currently out of the military...
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    Reservists asking to be retired from active duty

    I was just told something that Ive never heard of. I was told by a "Va guru" That if you are in the reserves and have service connected disabilities from your active duty time, and currently going through a peb, that there is a process that you can go through if you think you should have been...
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    Morning Sir, I am currently going through the same situation. Did 11 years active duty Navy. Got out and went straight into the reserves in 2012. Currently rated 100% through the VA. My ipeb results came back NPQ but no percentages because it states "It is not proximate that my conditions are...
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    16 years in. PEB election form question.

    Good morning, I was searching this site and came across your situation which the exact situation I am currently in. My ipeb came back NPQ but with no ratings because it states "it is not proximate that my conditions are military related." I just went and met with the person who scanned my...
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    Reservist found Unfit For Retention, requested PEB but confused on process

    Did you request a lod? I’m gonna get with my unit personnel to request one.
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    Yes sir, I notified my chain of command by email today. I’m just waiting on them to respond. Dumb question but I’ll ask anyway: If my unit gives me any problems filling out my LOD, can I have my VA doctor fill it out?
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    16 year Reservist MEB Started...but AF claiming NILOD. Expectations??

    I hope so. I’m trying to get a LOD requested for something that happened on a drill weekend in April of this year. Just inside the 180 day window. Hopefully I can use it when I attend my Formal board.
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