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    Newby Questions - Ret-eligible SNCO pending MEB

    No, do not drop retirement papers, just go through the process and see what the outcome is. The worst that can happen is that your career can be cut short due to the CKD if it is unfitting. If that happens, ideally you will receive a rating that is favorable to you (based upon all of your...
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    Mental Health Exam

    The exam can be either with a contractor or at the VAMC. Whether or not the VA conducts the exam or not, they will receive the record of the examination(s). Whoever pays the bill has a right to the results, it's just how the law works. If you do not want to be treated by the VA, then you do...
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    Voc Rehab!

    Hopefully they let you know that you are eligible for employment adjustment allowance (equal to two months stipend) once you are successfully employed for 90 days in a field of work related to your voc rehab plan.
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    Ssdi and Bonuses

    Bonus does not count towards SGA but the income has to be reported. Take all pay stubs to Social Security Office and they will figure it out. SSA can look into all of you financials to include very single banking transaction you have done, best to be honest with them.
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    Retired or Separated???

    More than likely the Navy will find the knees unfitting an not the remainder of the conditions. It will be up to you to try to get them referred. The Navy typically just looks at one body group when determining fitness. I know that they are suppose to the consider the entire body to determine...
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    QTC C&P exams. What to expect?

    If you know what condition(s) you are getting examined for, you can download the DBQ questionnaire for the exam. Does not hurt to preview it.
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    QTC C&P exams. What to expect?

    Because I said so... Once you bend over to put you shoes back on, the doctor will note that on any range of motion findings they are measuring. If you are not having any range of motion measured, you will just be more comfortable and no harm/no foul.
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    QTC C&P exams. What to expect?

    The examiner with try to fill in all of the blanks on whatever DBQ they are examining you for. Wear loose clothes, preferably seat pants or pajamas, and slippers, soccer slides etc. Do not wear shoes with laces you have to bend over to tie, do not wear socks you have to bend over to take...
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    Retired or Separated???

    Gonna come down to the unfitting conditions (probably knees) and the range of motion for your knees. The Doc is not really in the position to make that statement since the VA does the evaluations.
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    Thoughts on VA rating

    You should have taken a picture of the page before that.
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    Please help

    You must have a total and permanent disability discharge to qualify. You can apply for IU in the meantime to get the loans discharged. How do I show that I am permanently disabled? If you are a veteran, and we have received information from the...
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    Need a COAD Recommendation Letter Sample ASAP Page 34 and 35
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    Thoughts on VA rating

    It has been posted on here many, many, many, many times... The search function of the site is your friend... The VA will rate you based upon the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders: Total occupational and social impairment, due to such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought...
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    Your branch of service does not "rate" a condition for the purpose of CRSC determination. They use the established rating that is derived from the VA C&P examination (38 CFR Book C). Your branch of service does make a determination as to whether or not each individual condition meets the...
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    Child support (Weird situation)

    This is not really an issue the pertains to the PEB forum. I'll post my opinion and close the thread to further replies. The law regarding paternity and child support is universal in all 50 states. The VA has nothing to do with this. If the court has given an order for child support he must...
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