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  • Guardguy11
    Here is my situation:
    I was on a number of different type of orders back in 2009 (Temp AGR, AT, ST) my office desk was moved into a server room closet packed with 40 plus servers and power supplies all running at the same time from Jan 2009 to Sept 2010. Staff notice I had hearing loss, went to VA and received hearing Aids, found out that I should have had an LOD and 2013 received LOD for condition. Oct 2010 became a Reserve Technician. Technician Job and my Guard job are one in the same and continued to perform same work with computers, power supplies etc. hearing has decrease over the last 12 years until finally commander does not want to retain. VA found my hearing has got to the point of 100 percent disability. more info below.

    1. I am a military Reserve technician in the Air National guard
    2. NGB MEB process started for Hearing Impairment ( already have 100 % Permanent and Total with VA)
    3. Commander decided not to retain.
    4. will have 20 years in civil service including buy back in Apr 2022 with civil service as HRO states. ( was told by others as MRT buy back don't count towards 20 years for early retirement, only for pay)
    5. Total Active Federal Military Service is 11 years 9 months and 7 day.....had 9 years active service before losing my hearing
    6. Have 34 years for retirement (active and reserve time)
    6. received from NGB/SGP memorandum that my disability was Prior Service Condition Not Applicable because hearing could have been progressed to unfitness as a result of intervening events when in a non duty status. NGB referred me to Non Duty Related fitness for duty assessment (NDDES).

    My questions are, with my job as a guardsman and civil service being the same job, same requirements, same equipment, wouldn't my 12 years as performing those also as a guardsman be considered aggravated prior service condition? someone mentioned something about an 8 year active duty rule, what is that? I plan to Appeal the decision and have reached out to the Office of Disability Counsel and will obtain their representation once I sign for the appeal. I feel like NGB is just throwing me to the curb after 34 years of service and all those years of hearing trouble. They never had a problem with me reenlisting all those years with my hearing problems. All advice is greatly appreciated.


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    As a National Guardsmen is there more benefits getting PEB at 20 years of service vs 19 years of service? Will I be able to receive CRDP at 20 years?
    I will message you. Can’t do lengthy explanations in the profile posts
    Looks like Guard guy has you covered;)
    I just got notice today that I was found unfit by the PEB (Oct. 21, 2019). When can I expect to get my ratings back (considering current timelines)? Thank you! Note: Traditional National Guard drilling
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    mosolider67; when you were found unfit by the PEB; I'm assuming you were already rated by VA correct? Based on your timeline; PEB streamline your case less than two weeks to be rated at 80% by DOD. There were some guys that went that route and apparently its a faster process.
    I was already rated 10% by the VA a year that the PEB is done, and my DOD rating of 80% is clear...I am just wondering why the VA is so slow to give me my rating. My PEBLO is asking me if I am ready to sign. I said no...because I do not even know what my VA ratings are!
    does Military Reserve Technicians follow under regular DSR or are they under Chapter 46 for a disability retirement? My HRO seems to think that just because I bought back my 8 years of active duty and combined with my 12 years as a technician that I fall under the DSR condition for an annuity. I saw the Chapter 46 special rule for Military Reserve Technicians and it stated to be at least 50 years of age and 25 years as a dual status technician. I don't meet that condition either which enables me to file for a disability retirement as that is what im going through on the military side. Any definite answers are greatly appreciated. seems like HRO is trying to put me out on the Cheap and not letting me file for disability.
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