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  • I should just call DFAS right sgt? The crsc is mind numbingly complex... hi btw. Names scott diller. Loved the army volunteer for the fist wave after boot camp. Entered iraq in april of 03... I have plenty of issues and injuries. I'm tired of trying to make things work. I was raed at 70% and given IU there after. Am I one ofthese people that's gonna get a check from dfas and the va? Even if it is 2 bucks a month ill take it right now. Young men do dumb things my house wll be foreclosed on in less than a year. Just looking for somebody that knows something about my situation. If ya don't no worries my situation is norm fubbared
    The Senate version of the Defense Authorization Bill includes the language to override this practice but has not been voted upon yet. My individual case is still in the legal process.
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