Han Shot First

Feb 23, 1984 (Age: 35)


August 2014: return from overseas with excruciating leg pain. Get a misdiagnosis from medical as it wasn't my PCM of shin splints.
September 2014: Get to see my PCM, who is fantastic, correctly diagnosis stress fractures of both Tibia's as well as severe Vitamin defincincey.
Given new meds as well as crutches.
December 2015: Ortho says crutches aren't helping.
June 2015: Medical Chiefs determine I'm not getting better and start the process of Submitting for a med board. Paperwork takes months to get signed off by the various sections (CO, CoS, Medical etc)
November 2015: Go to all my VA exams and C&P exam.
12 February 2016: my package is officially accepted by the PEB.
18 April 2016: determined unfit from the PEB. Package goes to the VA.
27 May 2016: VA send package and ratings back to PEB
19 July 2016: PEBLO calls me and says the board did not give me DoD ratings as my injuries "weren't proximate with military service."
(SECNAVIST 1850.4E, 2020 Disability Benefits clearly states they used the wrong sentence/references regarding my case)
22 July 2016: Officially send the Formal PEB request back.
27 July 2016: Formal PEB request accepted by the board. Am told 3-5 weeks before I get the date and my JAG lawyer assigned.
19 Oct 2016: Finally notified by Jag Lawyer who says " absolutely shouldn't have been processed as a "not physically qualified" reservist. You should have been processed as an "unfit" active duty Marine, and entitled to benefits."
20 Oct 2016: Lawyer sends me Formal board letter dated AUGUST 12th for a board date NOVEMBER 8th. NO ONE ELSE EVER NOTIFIED ME.
24 Oct 2016: Finally receive my Formal Board package after emailing PEBLO saying I never got anything. Board is set for 8 Nov.
31 Oct 2016: I finally receive my corrected findings. My Lawyer is amazing and got the PEB to see their administrative mistake. I fully accepted and sent my EOO to the PEBLO. Severance 0% unfitting condition/VA 80%
14 Nov 2016: My EAS/ECC posts to MCTFS, 30 Jan 2017.
16 Nov 2016: PTAD gets approved. Last day is Nov 22nd
30 Jan 2017: Offically EAS. Will update when Severance hits.


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