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  • Hello Veteran family,
    I am a 100 percent veteran through the VA with only 13 years of service, but Im also still on TDRL with DOD at 50 percent. Do I get any additional benefits with DOD now or once I become PDRL. Again, I have under 20years of service.
    Sir. I filled out for the CRSC. I received a letter saying I would know something in 8 to 12 months. We mailed the paperwork off to CRSC in May 2018, and was notified they received the documents. Yet, we haven’t heard anything after that....
    I’m 100% VA, & 80% Army, & I have a Purple Heart due to my TBI.
    Do you know what percentage I may receive?
    Thank you
    Hi Jason. I went through a PEB years ago and was rated unfairly. Mike Parker tried to help me in 2013 but eventually stopped helping. He did agree with me though. Would you know anyone who would try to help me?

    [email protected]

    Thank you.
    Indeed, I agree with this "promotion" on the PEB Forum! As such, I truly appreciate your trust in me and for the opportunity to help! You are quite welcome, and thank you too! Take care!
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    As such, I think it is definitely a good idea to consider while the rewarding benefit(s) would potentially offer time saving dividends in your overall required moderator duties while logged into the PEB Forum at least in my opinion. Take care!
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    That said, if you ultimately decide to also address spam by granting privileges to a limited number of PEB Forum veteran and registered members, I would volunteer my time to assist via this type of direct preventive maintenance while logged into the PEB Forum.
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    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Warrior644, I have made you a moderator so that you can delete and get rid of spam. If this is not a position or responsibility you want, let me know. I trust your instincts and your judgment. If you agree with this "promotion" on the forum, let me know and I will make an announcement. Thanks for your willingness to help!!
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    In support of @chaplaincharlie's profile post to you on 11/5/2018 and your subsequent responses on 11/7/2018, I would like to also help with your continuing aggressive efforts to lessen the total amount of spam messages posted in any given week on the PEB Forum.

    1, Injured Knee in the line of duty while on a drill day in 2016.
    2, Returned to duty with no restrictions and line of duty concluded late 2016.
    3, Jan 2017, conditionally released from guard and reenlisted with ROTC pursuant to active duty commission following graduation.
    4, October 2017, Commander ROTC, told me that it was my last day in the military because of the knee injury, No MEB, Legal, TAPS etc.
    Benevolent Leader,

    Good morning, Sir. I appreciate your effort to provide a forum to help members going through the MEB/PEB/... process. The forum got slimed this weekend with advertising post. Is there a way to program the forum so that members can remove post? Or perhaps some questions that could be asked to join the forum. Stuff every military member ought to know.

    Warmest regards,
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    (Second message of 2 or 3)
    A few thoughts. First, the forum software- XENFORO- is getting ready to release an update that will help with deleting spam.

    Second, I could grant you and a few others privileges to address spam. I am thinking this might be a good idea.

    Finally, yes, I can make it "harder" to sign up with questions, confirmation emails, etc.,
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    (Third message of 3)
    I have always struggled with this because while it would lessen spam, it might confuse or keep folks from signing up. And, given that many of the folks who come here have cognitive problems based on their disabilities, I wanted to make it easy to participate here. So, I will hold off on putting barriers to joining. At least for now. Hopefully, the software update fixes this. We will see.
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    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry

    I have made you a moderator so that you can delete and get rid of spam. If this is not a position or responsibility you want, let me know. I trust your instincts and your judgment. If you agree with this "promotion" on the forum, let me know and I will make an announcement. Thanks for your willingness to help!!
    I was active before than got out to join the national guard. Than was called up again to serve on active duty. I week into being on active I felt really sick and went in to get checked. Was told I was type one diabetic and was given the boot a week later. This was back in 2013. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but the VA won’t give me my claim. I have 50% from other issues but can’t seem to get them to give me for T1
    I am trying to find out if it is possible for my husband to appeal his MEB and get it changed to a medical retirement he was discharged December of 2016, his 10% went up to a 60% within less than a year.
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Yes, it is possible. He will either have to apply to the Board for Correction of Military Records or file suit in Federal Court.
    Respectfully, I am an Army Chaplain I have served for 34 years. I was found unfit for severe ptsd and depression.

    I just received my DOD rating of 30 percent and my VA claim of 30 percent. Waiting on another VA claim for my MST.

    I am taken back by the 30 percent from DOD. I just turned 52 and I am also dealing with Hoshimoto disease.

    I respectfully need your guidance.
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    If you have a post, I will respond if I see something here on the forums. If you are seeking legal representation, please send an email to [email protected] (Include contact information). I hope all goes well for you either way!
    When were you released from service? Has it been longer than 6 months since you were reevaluated following your first rating decision?
    HLDAVIS1966: You should have been rated a minimum of 50% then reevaluated after 6 months. If its been longer than 6 months w/o a re-evaluation then you automatically get bumped to 100% given the PTSD is service related and severe enough to bring about your release from active military service.
    Hope this helps.
    Sir, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in March 2018 and currently in IDES process. Recently got IPEB findings. For the Diabetes, board proposed 40% TDRL. In going through your forum, I found a thread related to an update on Army policy on TDRL placement, but the link was dead. I was wondering if there was a new link for that document or any other information regarding TDRL placement that may be useful? TY
    Mr. Perry,

    How can I contact you via the telephone? I was some information on the process that the US Coast Guard used in my discharge proceedings. I have a lot of questions but I’m not sure we’re to get my answers. I’m looking to update my discharge rating. Also, if I was medically retired, would it be reflected on my DD214?
    Hello Attorney Perry,
    Im active duty and had a TBI last fall. I have not been to work since.
    I was referred to a PEB for: 1. Cognitive Dysfunction, Depression, Chronic Headaches
    2. Lower back pain, lumbar spondylosis, and degenerative disc
    disease. My civilian MD also diagnosed Sciatica but I didnt put it on my initial claim. Can I still add it? Or must I file a new claim? DBQ? Thank you!
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