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  • You seem very knowledgeable. I wanted to see if you could maybe answer a question for me. I got injured March of 2020 doing the deadline during a diagnostic ACFT. They never did imaging but I did do 4 months of physical therapy. After months of PT didn’t help I finally asked for the third time if they could do imaging. They did in Sept and found a wedge deformity with fragmentation and Schmorl nodes and I got sent for a MRI. It showed the “chronic” appearing wedge deformity, bulging disc with annular tear etc., and intervertebral discogenic disease. I tried a few other things that my PCM wanted and then was sent to pain management. The doctor there basically said my diagnosis was early age appropriate splondylosis. My PCM is discussing med board. If it’s considered age appropriate would I even get a DOD rating and do you think the wedge deformity went undetected due to them not doing images and now they are sweeping it under the rug?
    Dear Sir,

    I have a question on my case. May you give me an advice?

    I have joined Army for a year and 3 months, and got out on August 2014 under medically separation on DD214. I have gone through MEB process under VARR and got 10% DOD and 100% VA on Combined Medical Symptoms since September 2014. However, at that moment, I was under medical treatment and got serious medical conditions, so I did not know that DOD rating is too far different from VA rating. The end of this year 2020, I have discovered that I could get other unfitting symptoms to my DOD rating based on VARR during MEB process.

    Therefore, do I still have a chance to increase my DOD rating to get Medical Retirement?
    Please, give me an advice or instruction. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry

    I do not give legal advice on this forum. I can only provide legal advice for clients. However, I can provide information based on what you have stated.

    It sounds to me that you might have a path for seeking relief via administrative appeals.

    Can you explain the financial statement you made in my thread? Thank you!

    You have done a ton of good, and I apologize for any who have taken advantage of that. You have given so much free help via this site it is crazy. Keep being you, and hopefully those of us who feel the exhaustion, anxiety, and terrible dread feelings from the long waits and dismissals from the VA will use our extra energy and time to request changes via the appropriate routes, politicians. You do not deserve anyone's ire. If I ever need your services, I will retain you in the correct manner.
    My apologies if my comment in any way insinuated that you are not helping people @Jason Perry. This forum is a huge resource and has helped thousands of people. I have seen other people post on their walls asking for assistance that appeared to go unanswered so I wanted to make sure I set their expectations that if they truly want your service, they need to contact you directly via your website. I am nothing but appreciative and hope that those that are trying to take advantage of your kindness see your response here. Might be worth doing a pinned post with an update from the PEBFORUM Owner just so everyone is aware of how to properly contact you for your services.
    Hello @Jason Perry

    I just read the material that precedes my remarks. I am disappointed to learn (but not surprised) that some ungrateful veterans have criticized your contributions in helping other veterans. Thousands of veterans have benefited from your altruistic endeavors. The number of posts shown on the various pages do not begin to define how many have been helped There are likely at least 50 views that do not result in a question for every post made . I visited here for several years before I became a member.

    I mentioned that I was not surprised by the unwarranted criticism. I was once told, "You're a liar" on another board. Another veteran said, "I would shoot you" or words to that effect. I can only shake my head at those preposterous (in my opinion) notions and inclinations.

    I am confident most visitors and members sincerely appreciate what you do for veterans. Thank you sir. It has been a joy to participate under your leadership.

    Good morning, Mr. Perry. Any chance i could share my NMA with you to get your thoughts on it? ( will discuss in more details when in a more private setting). Thank you.
    Have a question for you. I am at the PEB stage and have199 but I have not signed and returned it yet. The PEB rated me at 50% but soon after that the VA raised my percent to 100% for my main cause of medical retirement. Being in the nation guard and have served 21 years should I do the VARR to get the 100%?
    Did you end up doing the VARR? If the VA changed the rating after they provided the information to the PEB (which is really jacked up), you have a very strong case.

    (awarded a CAB)diagnosed w. PTSD,depression, anxiety,panic disorder,social phobia,tremors, & idiopathic Hypersomnia. Had heat stroke & seizures (temporary profile) suicidal ideation on my record (admitted into the psych ward) want a MEB so I can leave with some compensation. new psych saying my CO might chapter me for being unfit since I’m not able to deploy.No P profile. Looking for guidance.
    Sir, I know this question has been posed before but it seems like the SECNAV 1850.4E is now 1850.4F and has been chopped down, my questions pertains to being an active duty Navy O-3 who is 2xFOS. I'm currenly undergoing medical treatment for the injury i've been referred to MEDBOARD for. Millington is telling me i have to have Assistant SECNAV approval to stay in past my statutory separation date. Is this correct?
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    or @Guardguy11 if you have any info that would be helpful as well. Thank you.
    I will send you a PM
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    The Navy did a pivot and published a SECNAV Manual. I will post a copy/link shortly.
    Hello sir, I'm new to this website. I was wondering if you had any contact information to the BCNR to look up the pending status of a case? Like a email or phone number? Mine has been there for 1 year now (submitted in mid January 2019) and I'm still not seeing anything or hearing back yet.
    Sir, I'm about to sign for SECAF appeal to be put on PDRL. Would you be able to assist at this stage? How much would this cost?
    If you are on a sensitive timeline, i would recommend calling his office directly at 1-800-576-5648
    Dear Mr. Perry,

    I sent you an email on June 27, 2019, in reference to securing you legal service for TSGLI appeal; I don't know if you received the email or not. I would like to secure your service for the aforementioned appeal, what is the process?
    Sir, could you please look at my situation.

    and my other posts. I think I need a lawyer....
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    I did a very brief look at your posts. I don't know enough about your case details to offer much. I would need to review all of your relevant case files. This is what an attorney would need to do. You may benefit from legal representation by a qualified attorney. If you are interested in my services, contact me at [email protected].
    I hope that you get your due benefits no matter what.
    Good NARSUM. however my commander wrote that I was an awesome airman and my conditions do not effect my job. Should I submit a rebuttal to that and highlight my duty limitations. My supervisor also said she would put in some input. I do not want to say too much because it could effect me negatively, but I also do not want the risk of getting a fit for duty finding.
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Your questions are outside of the scope of the information we provide here. I could not advise you about your situation without knowing the contents of your case file and I would not be able to advise you here even if I knew that information. The questions you are asking are more along what an attorney would provide.

    I hope you get a great result. Best of luck!
    Jason- I'm looking for the law that prescribes the time limits for the government to resolve cases. I seem to recall language similar to '90% of all cases in 10 months and 100% of all cases in 18 months'. What is the law?
    I am a Navy Reservist,16 years service. A medical waiver for a CPAP, anxiety medication, and lower back issues was approved.I am currently receiving 50% VA disability rating for PTSD and Back issues.When I got to ECRC they resubmited it to the AFRICOM Surgeon General. It came back 2 days ago disapproved. They issued demobilization orders. They are going to conduct a Medical Retention Review. What do I do now?
    I have some claims that came back as no diagnosis due to no pathology therefor making them not service connected. Is there anything I can do about this to get that changed? What would be a good direction for me to move in to get some ratings and service connection for these injuries?
    Get help from a VSO or if you find them not up to par, AmVets, DAV, etc. ALWAYS appeal, ALWAYS document, NEVER quit, HUNKER DOWN, it's a looong road.
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    Keatsj1964, Also another question, Where can I get a copy of my NARSUM?

    I was wondering if I can send you my NARSUM to see what I am looking at as far as ratings. Thank you so much for your help.
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Generally, I cannot review submissions sent to me directly without charging a fee as any answer would tend to implicate an attorney-client relationship. If you want to secure my legal services, contact me at [email protected].
    If you want to post your NARSUM (with PII redacted) on the forums, I may well offer some comments.

    I hope you get your desired outcome from the DES process!
    I posted my NARSUM on the forum and thanks.
    I am a four-year AD and I have been. Suffering from depression, migraine and neck pain for more than a year. I think I deserve MEB, but now BN is trying to chapter me out via 5-17. What should I do?
    Jason Perry
    Jason Perry
    Seek legal counsel. You have not provided enough information for me to have a basis to even give much input. If you have concerns, seek legal counsel.
    Best of luck to you!

    Hello Veteran family,
    I am a 100 percent veteran through the VA with only 13 years of service, but Im also still on TDRL with DOD at 50 percent. Do I get any additional benefits with DOD now or once I become PDRL. Again, I have under 20years of service.
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