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    SSDI ALJ hearing coming up what to expect?

    Next week I have my Admin Law Judge hearing I have an attorney but have some questions. Background I am 70% PTSD and am IU so 100% VA. I don't know what to expect during the hearing. My attorney is worried about the financial situation with VA and FERS disability retirement thinking it will be...
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    IU Awarded what happens next ???

    It ended up being the difference between va pay and the air force pay that was back payed. For example the difference was around $800 a month dated back to when I filed the claim.
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    IU Awarded what happens next ???

    I am curious what's going to happen. I will keep you all informed. Thank you for the replies to my post it's greatly appreciated.
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    IU Awarded what happens next ???

    I had a TDRL re-exam with the VA and applied for IU and was awarded IU with an effective date May 1, 2013. Currently, I am receiving both VA and DoD pay 70% VA and 70% Air Force I have 8 years of active service. My current pay is VA at 70% which is $1505.40 and my Air Force disability pay at 70%...
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    Air Force FPEB....what to expect

    I just found out that I am going to have to meet the Air Force FPEB for a TDRL re-eval. The Air Force is trying to reduce my percentage for PTSD from 70% to 50%. What's it like going in front of the board? How should I dress? What questions do they ask? I am just trying to get an idea so I can...
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    Please Help Of Interest to Reservists

    LTPETERG, I also had a VA rating prior to starting the MEB process. I was at 50% for PTSD and went through the MEB and I had to do all of my C&P exams through the VA. Things worked out in my interest where my rating for PTSD was increased to 70% but it was still a pain in the ass to go through...
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    TDRL Eval Appt Notification - to be held at Lackland AFB

    Hi Kim, Below is an earlier post regarding the DTM 11-015 that may be of interest to you. I am in the same situation where I am at 70% VA for PTSD and the Air Force has tried to lower my percentage to 50% when my VA rating is still at 70%. The Air Force and other services are not following the...
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    VA Claim Status: ACE Opinion at RO???

    Dcmd124, My claim is at the St. Paul, MN VA.
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    VA Claim Status: ACE Opinion at RO???

    Hi Combat Eng, What I think is interesting is that on November 1st 2013 I had my C&P exam and then now it's at ACE Opinion at RO. I have no idea what they are doing.
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    VA Claim Status: ACE Opinion at RO???

    Does anyone know what this means? I have no idea. I submitted my claim for an increase in compensation and unemployability back in March and the status went from pending decision to ACE opinion at RO.
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    Individual unemployability wait time

    Hi Wtuwife, I filed my claim for IU back in March as well and the last I checked on e-benefits it's in the Preparation for Decision Phase with as estimated completion time of 1/10/2014 to 2/5/2014. I am still waiting on a decision and hoping that it will be soon.
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    TDRL Re eval report

    All, When I went to the VA for my re-eval and increase for PTSD on November 1 the psychologist that I met with said that today is the first day that the VA is using the DSM-5. According to the psychologist that I seen, the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis is far less in the DSM-5 as compared to the...
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    Still awaiting Formal PEB Hearing results from today...

    Warrior644, Sorry to hear about your bad luck sounds like a lot of stress going on with your situation. I hope that everything gets better for you and take care of yourself.
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    Already VA rated - MEB just started with questions

    Moustache6, I have no idea why it takes so much time either. The bright side is that if your ratings increase you will get back pay. Just kick back and let the situation play itself out that's all you can do no need to stress about it as you know what to expect and what's coming. More than...
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