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    jessicad231 replied to the thread Ramstein Timeline.
    I had a few hiccups, otherwise I would’ve had my orders weeks ago. 9 Nov: orders received; 31 Jan 2021 retirement date, 30 days PTDY...
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    Your MSC should have briefed you, which I'm sure they did, that your ratings won't finalize until after you have left service. Could be...
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    jessicad231 replied to the thread Closed Claim Confusion.
    That means your proposed rating is ready. I suspect that your package is at the IPEB.
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    jessicad231 reacted to MyNeckAndMyBack's post in the thread My MH Timeline with Like Like.
    Update: Almost there. Also, made some mistakes w/ the dates so that's been corrected. 27 Sept 19: Initial DAWG Review, tabled till...
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