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    “Triple dipping”

    Man, I'm retiring next year. I'm going through the IDES process currently and I have already applied for SSDI. I want as many bags as I can get. If I am entitled to it, I want it.
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    Working during MEB

    Your command does have to accommodate medical appointments and other requirements. However, from a leadership perspective, they follow whatever limitations that are that are communicated by your doctor. If your doc does not require work/hour limitation I would expect your command will hold you...
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    Menal Health Work Expectations

    Thanks for all of the replies! So, I have an approved retirement request. I dropped that bad boy the day I reached 18 years of service. So, shortly after posting my initial post I began to be unfairly treated by a supervisor due to the work limitations that my provider implemented (2 hr work...
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    Menal Health Work Expectations

    So I received orders to military hospital for limited duty while I await being MEDBOARDed for chronic PTSD and BIPOLAR 2. I have not worked any more than 60 hours within the last year, due to the symptoms I experience each day that hinders my ability to function with others. My psychologist and...
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    18 Year MEB Outlook

    Have you reviewed the guideline for presumption of fitness?
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    Separation from misconduct

    To be honest, I would have not told them anything about a family history of nothing. They are quick to attribute it to something that developed prior to service. The navy has secnav instruction that provides some protection when it comes to misconduct due to mental health issues. Have you...
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    My Timeline So Far Fort Bragg

    Were you found unfit?
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    My Timeline So Far Fort Bragg

    SW78. Good information and thank you for replying!
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    My Timeline So Far Fort Bragg

    Question. So you were found unfit even though you at 20 years of service? My doc keeps telling me that I should be found fit simply because I have over 19 years of service, even though my issues are unfitting. I'm personally hoping for a unfit finding.
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    When will I be sent to a PEB?

    Having a discussion with your psychiatrist about your inability to function at work and other issues will be the first stop in my opinion. That person can place you on LIMDUE and/or recommend MEDBOARD. The results of the MEB would determine if your case will be sent to a IPEB or PEB...
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    Va 100% ptsd and further eval

    I believe you gave some very encouraging information. Very positive!
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    Hello, I see that you were rated 100 P&T for PTSD and bipolar. I am also going through the PEB process for those diagnosis. Did you have any hospitalizations in your record? What did they rate your mental health as. Sorry to ask personal questions; I just cant find good information to support...
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    Trying to determine how to stretch out the process until retirement

    Could you request presumption of fitness, due to being over 18 years? With your VA findings; why did you submit a reconsideration if you are at 100% already? Sorry to ask questions as if I'm clueless (but I am). Lastly, If you don't mind stating; what conditions did the VA rate you for? I hope...
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