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    Examination results

    The Culture of the Navy is to blame. In my 12+yrs active Navy I have heard countless times to document all medical issues! This is funny to me because well, it is the Hospital Corpsman's job right? I have noticed that many first enlistment member getting out of the military say things like...
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    What happened?

    What happened?
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    Severance Pay Question

    This feels like my situation, and part of the problem it seems to be a culture problem. In the Navy their are many things that are "Sugar Coated" i.e. performance evaluations, memorandums, and the condition of the service member! I had always taken a fairly motivated approach to my job, now...
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    On Active Duty currently, going on seven years.. Noticed a few years ago that I had a hip pain that wouldn't go away, or at least wouldn't stay away.. Went to get it checked out at medical. The doctor took xray and said I was missing cartilage a probably have a degenerative hip condition! He...
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