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  • Indeed, we totally comprehend; no worries! Please remain safe and I shall look forward to your forthcoming post message informing us of your successful child birth! Take care!
    I am sorry for my very long absence! I am pregnant with a very high risk pregnancy and have been largely absent. I hope to be back in full force soon!
    Congrats and prayers out to you...
    Congrats! Hope mama is getting some sleep.
    Hoping you can provide some insight on the final processing time-frame for me. I received my notification of retirement from the AF last August and did the Survivor benefit election in September. TSgt Peevy keeps responding to my emails with "your package is in the final processing stage" if they respond at all. Any help figuring out timeline or who I can call would be appreciated.
    Well the Army took 6 months on mine. Do you have orders and has DFAS gotten them?
    Nothing yet, I guess as of Dec 18th it's waiting for the Director to sign off.
    I created this profile for my husband who is a Veteran. Your page seemed to be the only one in this sea of information that offered a "glimpse" of insight into this confusing process of filling for benefit reevaluation.
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    We just received his DD 294 form for completion, and although my husband is the veteran, I am typically better at the "filling out of forms" job. Any insight into how to answer these questions the most appropriately in order to start this long process, and set us up for the best possible outcome would be GREATLY appreciated!!
    I know this is an old post, but I would recommend contacting NVLSP [email protected] if its not too late. They are a non-profit that connects you with attorneys who work pro bono. I used them, and I feel that they put together a more robust packet than I could have ever come up with myself. It will add several months to the process but you only get one shot so you better make it count.

    Good Luck!!!
    Hello.....I received my notice of 30% medically retired Army. Here in is my problem. claim filed in 2013 with an old address and DAV contact. I need to change my address to receive my retirement orders as I have not lived at that address since Nov 2014. Would you be able to point me in the correct direction.
    You'll need to contact Army HRC or Al at ARBA to update your address
    part 2: The army discharged me in 2006 with 0%. In April 2016, I submitted an application to PDBR. My file was sent to adjudication in August 2016. What are my chances of being permanently retired with 30% or more? Any advice will help. Thanks. Also, congrats on your retirement.
    Hi, I learned a lot from your posts. In 2004 I was medically discharged from the Army with 30% and placed on TDRL. I filed a VA claim for the same medical condition in June 2004. Approximately 5 months later, I was rated 50% by the VA. part 1
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