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    Jozzz123, First, I recommend that you start your own, new thread. That should give you a better chance at getting more replies. Second, do you want to be found fit for duty? The reason I ask is even if your PTSD is found to be stabilized, that would not necessarily mean that you would be found...
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    CRSC Back pay(who pays it)

    Hi! Actually that does make sense. The same thing happened to me. I also thought that DFAS would be responsible for paying all of my CRSC to include back pay. Instead, they paid 10 months of CRSC back pay and sent a letter stating that the VA is responsible for the remaining 2 months. I am...
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    Any help with a Possible/likely rating....

    Thanks Grizz13. I'll be sure to use your link in the future! :)
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    AF TDRL exam - are the docs just copying/pasting?

    UPDATE: Well, it looks like my worries were not necessary. After 7 weeks, I received the results from my TDRL exams. The IPEB is recommending 70% PDRL. The Ortho doc's narrative did not impact my findings after all. Actually under the remarks section on my AF Form 356, it states "SM's other...
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    Any help with a Possible/likely rating....

    Hi! Your best bet would be to refer to the VA 38 CFR Book C. It can be found here: You'll be able to compare your ROMs and conditions to get a ball park figure for ratings. I wish I could be more helpful but I had difficulty following the report.
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    Need new eval on my PTSD

    Gsfowler brings up a good point. The "label" given to your condition is not as important as the social and occupational impairments of your condition. The impact of your condition determines the rating. If you haven't already, check out the 38 CFR, schedule of ratings for mental disorders...
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    Wait Time For Providence, RI

    Perhaps I can help. SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance. You do not have to have a certain disability rating for this. Essentially this is supplemental income for those who cannot perform "Substantial Gainful Activity." One of the things that they look at is if your disability makes you...
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    AF TDRL exam - are the docs just copying/pasting?

    Caitable, Please do not apologize - rant away! Hell, after reading about your experience, I am pissed off for you. The military will never be able to make up for what has happened to you. You deserve the highest ratings possible from the DoD and the VA! Also, they better find you some competent...
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    AF TDRL exam - are the docs just copying/pasting?

    I am so sorry that you are facing this situation. That is one heck of a decrease for your ratings. I completely understand about being unsure of having the time and energy to fight both. I suppose the first question I have to ask is, will fighting the DoD rating be beneficial to you, i.e. will...
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    AF TDRL exam - are the docs just copying/pasting?

    Thank you Jason. I agree that the services' non-compliance to the law is not right. I was just throwing it out there since it is still happening and I would hate for anyone to go into a TDRL exam thinking the final rating will always be provided by the VA when in some cases, it is not. Also, it...
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    MEB and leave

    Good morning CatLady! I pulled the following from AFI 41-210: 4.53.4. Leave/TDY. Once the SM is notified by the PEBLO that an MEB has been directed, the SM will be required to be available for VA appointments, PEBLO counseling, and the MEB process. MTFs must develop local processes and...
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    AF TDRL exam - are the docs just copying/pasting?

    During IDES the VA does provide the rating. However, during TDRL evaluations this is not necessarily the case. While the VA should be performing the evaluations and providing the ratings, the branches are not really following the DTM 11-015. Through various "loopholes" members are being sent to...
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    DFAS CRSC pay statement question

    Lol! I was just sending you a PM. Actually, I asked Mr. Parker the same question and he stated he was not aware of any changes. Also, I must apologize to everyone. It looks like I am the one who messed this situation up. I did not realize that the actual figures are VA + CRSC. I thought the...
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    DFAS CRSC pay statement question

    Oh, okay. Thank you so much for the clarification! Kim
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