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  • Finally received orders in late September but won't PCS until June 2010. Crazy thing is now I've been flagged for weight! go figure!!!
    Hey where have you been...havent heard from you in awhile...Hope all is well my friend!!!
    Recieved my Fit Letter from the USAPDA yesterday morning. Now just waiting on branch to find an assignment.
    Withdraw request from FPEB was granted on 20 Jul 09 within hours of my sending it in!!! PEB packet was forwarded to HQ PDA the next day and listed as received on 22 Jul 09. Now I get to wait for the FIT letter to arrive. PEBLO told me it could take from 3 to 30 days or they could disagree with the PEB and request further evaluation. Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. About the same thing I've been doing since last October!!!
    FPEB was granted and set for 1 SEP 09. However, I have withdrawn my request for FPEB and am now waiting to see if it is granted. I decided to try to stick it out for 6 years and get the retirement rather than fight and get a measily 10% rating. Hopefully, if all goes as smoothly as the PEB portion has gone, I could be PCSing by the end of September to "who knows where."
    PEB found me fit and I requested a FPEB. Still waiting to hear if this will be granted and when.
    yes your unit is responsible for paying you to go to the FPEB. ther only thing they are not responsible for is legal fees for providing your own lawyer. if and when are you going? if it affects you, one thing i would push for (i'm going to do the same) is to try and get your unit to pay for a rental car. my back injury is so bad to the point where i can't be standing around for trasportation on a base. not to mention lugging around 10 lbs of medical documentation. good luck!

    That is an ICD code. Here is more: List of ICD-9 codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It does not have much, if any, impact on the MEB/PEB process.
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