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  • Have a question for you. I know you posted about the legislation to change the Fit but unsuitable for the navy. Have you seen anything more on that. I just had my FPEB yesterday and now i am waiting for the results, was told 8-10 weeks. I am just afraid they are going to find me fit and kick me out cause i won't pass a sea duty screening. I don't expect to get another shore tour since my detailor kind of made it clear i won't go back to shore even though i have 8 years consecutive sea time and 4 years shore. So i am just curious if you have heard anything more about that.
    Exactly. If I remember correctly the civilians/military members that set up the MEB & paperwork to send to the PEB stated the "rebuttal" was for if I "disagreed" with the MEB. I agreed with the information being sent, there wasn't anything wrong, just that the PEB didn't agree or maybe didn't even review the MEB. I don't even think the CO's letter was available for me to view. I think that was sent via message traffic.
    I'm going through the MEB/PEB at Balboa Hospital. Maybe this set up Navy wide to work this way? I'd hate to think that's the case, it seems like things could run so much more effectively if the PEBLOS had a bit of say in helping put your packet together.
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