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  • hello! You certainly can contact your Congressman for assistance. But for your legal options, you basically have two: appealing to the ABCMR or demanding a review board under 10 USC 1554a (a new board created after 2008 NDAA). You will have to appeal to get your rights vindicated, but I think it is worth it. If you have any questions, let us know.

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    hi everybody!i was at a formal mboard in fort lewis wa. on 8 april,and it hapened something strange over there .I kind of lost my trust in the army integrity because what hapened with me .first i was twice found unfit in a informal board and after i appealed their decision in a informal reconsideration.they rated me both times 20% for VA code 5257 for lateral instability grade 2A lachman.I asked them to rate my limitation of extension in adition to that ,because i have a 10 degree limitation of extansion on the same leg.i had 2 knee surgeries in the army for a torn acl and meniscus.first they told me that it is considered pyramiding to do that,but after i prove them that it is not anymore after vthe the 2008 NDAA they came up with a strange decision:they considered that my 2A lachman is not anymore a unfitting condition but they sill found me unfitt for synovitis and limitation of extension 10 degree and rated me 20% for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am here now to ask your help guys ,i read in the army times about a retired col .parker who maybe can help me with some advices.Even my appointed counsel from fort lewis JAG said that their decision is garbage and i should contact my congressman.if some body can help me ,i would appreciate.this is my email ;[email protected] cell phone #503-928-1781
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