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    please help

    Thank you Florida law. It wasn't a drunk issue etc. I spent an our with the police trying to find the who assaulted me. I have a usmc lt colonel who talked with me yesterday, very nice but to the tee type man. He told me to honestly to lose no sleep. He said that a CO would not risk one of...
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    please help

    I have signed my findings and was found unfit for ptsd. 6 weeks ago I got a Publix intoxication and the command I am tad with said I was fine. My main command is not threatening to administer discharge me and is making me return back from terminal leave... any thoughts on if I'll receive my...
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    Got My Findings! Timelines

    Unfit and VA came at same time.
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    Got My Findings! Timelines

    Navy East Coast August 2nd put on med board September 5 VA exams 25th November received VA diagnosis findings sent to PEB 7th January found unfit sent to VA 9th February VA done with ratings sent back to PEB 24th March Findings are in 50% DOD TDRL 80% VA unfit PTSD was my medical unfit Only...
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    Ratings Received. Thanks To All.

    Congrats bud! I'm one day off your timeline.
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    Home Awaiting Orders

    Sounds great let me know if you find a way to make that happen.
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    Article 15 wile almost out

    Sorry to hear that. Command shouldn't put you through all that. It's not like you did something ridiculous either.
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    Andrews AFB - Bipolar 2, GAD, MDD

    I hear yuh. Severe should give you a retirement. It's a guessing game
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    Andrews AFB - Bipolar 2, GAD, MDD

    Bipolar has been coming back fit like a wild fire.
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    Claim(s) Assistance Providers

    Have not. Going to check it out while I'm on leave. I live an hour away.
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    True Update

    It doesn't matter your coast or how many VA issues you put in. Every case time line is different. Please listen to me but follow your buddies on their time lines. They are all different so hunker down and have patience. Listen to advice from the old timers on here but don't follow a user's...
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    Is this real/legal?

    Figured... they want to replace your billet
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    It's down right now. When working it's under manage profile then compensation status
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    Is this real/legal?

    Buddy if your on a meb and your chain of command wants to drive you DO IT!!! That will turn a 50% rating into a 70%+ really quick when you explain that work impact to the doctor. Congrats wish they did that for me.
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    timeliness update

    Navy10 that means they are waiting on a development letter from the peb
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