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    Please somebody help me

    You must be patient. The IDES/MEB/PEB process is a world of its own and patience is key…the entire process from notification of being placed into IDES, to your last day in the Army can take as little as 6 months and as long as 2 years or more. Especially with Covid, things are way backed up and...
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    Promotion for combat disability medical retirement

    I don’t remember exactly but the concept was that a soon to be SGM would not get promoted on the last day of medical retirement if that soldier was not already in a SGM billet. I realize vague memory from me doesn’t help one bit, but I figured I would at least try to help.
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    Promotion for combat disability medical retirement

    I do remember reading another post a few months back about with a 1SG very similar as your situation. That 1SG was not promoted due to recent regulation changes. I also read the ALARACT or memo or whatever it was around the same time frame that explained the changes. Also Army Times had a write...
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    Resignation of AGR during MEB

    DODI 1332.38
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    Resignation of AGR during MEB

    Not sure what service your in. But if your in the Army, the AGR regulation is NGR 600-5. However, I don’t believe it covers exactly what your looking for. AR 635-40 and DA PAM 635-40 will cover it. Also look at DODI 1332.38. it’s been awhile since I was medically retired thru IDES as an AGR...
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    Please help! need advice unit has not completed LOD and I ETS JAN

    Remember, the “squeaky wheel gets the grease.” I would be blowing up my entire Chain of Command emails and phones. I would also use the State CSM and State General’s open door policy. Also call and email and visit the State MEDCOM and State Surgeons General.
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    Please help! need advice unit has not completed LOD and I ETS JAN

    I would read the TXARNG policy / regulations on P3 profiles and what it says when P3 profiles must be submitted to IDES. I would also read AR 635-40 and DA PAM 635-40 and find whatregulations say about P3 profiles and when it’s mandatory for the unit to submit the soldier to the IDES. as far...
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    Please help! need advice unit has not completed LOD and I ETS JAN

    This might or might not apply to your situation. Please see Chapter 4(i). It’s on the last page of the attached PDF.
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    Jag attorney

    Just be aware that not all free legal service lawyers from the services have your best interest at heart. A lot of them take the path of least resistance and recommend things that cause the least paperwork, the least headaches for them and the quickest direction to get you out. They tell you...
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    Where am I in the process?

    The paperwork was only submitted to his chain of command yesterday, 11 Sep, which is a Saturday. We all know not much happens with paperwork over a weekend and only gets actioned Monday or Tuesday of the following week. plus the actual suspense of getting the paperwork submitted is 20...
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    Separation code

    “Enhanced”means combat related disability. see below website for definition.
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    IMA Reservist (19 yrs, 1 mo AD, 20+yrs Res "good years") MEB questions

    I don’t want to confuse you more or give you wrong information. Please verify with your HR department. Attached is what I found thru Google when I typed in Air Force MPA orders. I don’t know if this Air Force regulation applies to you. I think it would but I don’t know the exact type of orders...
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    IMA Reservist (19 yrs, 1 mo AD, 20+yrs Res "good years") MEB questions

    Sanctuary would at least force the Air Force to keep you on MPA orders, which would allow you to finish your MEB on active duty orders.
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    Need help, lost retirement due to no Examination at end of TDRL.

    Do you have your medical retirement paperwork that the PEB gave you? Do you have the paperwork that directs you to be placed on TDRL? If so, within those documents, you should have a phone number for TDRL or PDRL. not, then I would use google and research your branch TDRL or PDRL. You should be...
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    Officer voluntary resignation pending -> MED Board

    If you are Army, it’s AR 635-40. I don’t have the regulation in front of me but what your looking for is in the first few chapters.