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    Question about MEB/PEB and VA's part in the findings.

    I would say that it definitely plays a role in the IPEB's decision process... along with your commander's statement and everything else.
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    On TDRL wanting to return to active Duty

    That 90 day window must be an army regulation. I signed my paper electing to return to duty in Aug, but still haven't received anything from them. I talked to the TDRL coordinator in DC and he said he sends paperwork to the recruiting headquarders, and then they talk to a local recruiter and...
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    On TDRL wanting to return to active Duty

    AUtiger10, Did they ever officially discharge you from the TDRL? I know if you choose to return to duty when you're found fit they don't officially discharge you from TDRL until the day before you return to active duty. They do this to avoid your break in benefits. I only ask this because if...
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    Well the DOD is required to give you the same ratings the VA gives you.... the question is what conditions they find unfitting. In other words, if the VA rated you at 30% for something and the DOD finds that condition unfitting, they are required to rate you the same. I recieved my IPEB...
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    navy PEB results for major depressive/ptsd

    gunmate, When you go through the DOD/VA (I think it's called IDES now) pilot program like I did, the IPEB provides you with both the DOD unfitting combined ratings as well as the VA combined ratings. They give you a complete expanation in the findings you receive from the IPEB.
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    Wed: 30% perm retiremen...Thurs: Made E7. What do I retire at?

    The bottom line here is that if you are already selected to the next rank, and just waiting for your line number to come up, you should retire at the rank you are selected for even if that number doesn't come up before your retirement date; the truth is that it's not really going to matter for...
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    Am I Exempt from VA Funding Fee?

    Linseygirl, You definitely need to file for VA disability compensation ASAP. For one: the DOD will only give you a rating for your unfitting conditions...and the pay is taxable. For two: The VA will rate you on all of your service connected disabilities, therfore, your VA rating will in most...
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    I'm sure you can take it anytime after you receive your finding from the IPEB (assuming that you are going on TDRL or PDRL) and get a seperations date. I took my 20 days PTAD in conjunction with terminal leave. So in other words, I didn't have to go back. Your admin shop should be able to...
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    Am I Exempt from VA Funding Fee?

    You need to show proof of your VA disability rating to get this expemption. Call the VA and request a certificate of eligibility from them. This document is usually just used to show proof of hireing preference when applying for federal jobs; I showed this document as proof to get my VA fee...
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    FOUND FIT FOR DUTY AT TDRL EVAL: Question on qualifying for reenlistment

    Thanks Mike! That's what I figured, but since everybody I hear that attemps to return to duty from TDRL states that meps are are finding certain conditions DQing, so I've been a little worried about that. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    FOUND FIT FOR DUTY AT TDRL EVAL: Question on qualifying for reenlistment

    bump... nobody has any knowledge of returning to duty from TDRL? Specificly whether Cat III conditions from your original IPEB will disqualify you from returning?
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    FOUND FIT FOR DUTY AT TDRL EVAL: Question on qualifying for reenlistment

    Hi everybody... it's been a long time since i've posted, hope everybody is doing well. I was found fit to return to duty on my TDRL eval a few months ago, I returned the letter saying I wanted to return to duty, and now just waiting on instructions from them on what i need to do. I'm sure...
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    TDRL pay and VA compensation

    you have to remember though, that is only if you collect retirement from the DOD. In other words: if you collect VA compensation instead this rule may not apply to you. In North Carolina, if i didn't waive my retirement pay for VA compensation, i wouldn't get anything for unemployment, but...
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    Anyone who has PCS'd home to await discharge orders-PLEASE help me....

    Amygal82, Sorry to hear about all the problems you have (and still are) dealing with. I wasn't saying what i said to question you in any way, i was just making sure you where aware that these people (IPEB) don't always make the decisions you would expect... even if it seems obvious to you and...
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    Anyone who has PCS'd home to await discharge orders-PLEASE help me....

    I didn't have an exact question. You didn't specify that you were waiting until a decision came back, so I just made a comment to help you understand that you can't get home awaiting orders unless your IPEB decision came back. And trust me... you can't assume that you will get the decision of...
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