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    Narsum and CQ exams Contradictory. I DISAGREE WITH C&Q RESULTS

    I received my Narsum and Q&C results today for review from my peblo. My referred condition was chronic Abdominal condition. MEB physician is referring to PEB since my condition does not meet retention standard. I reviewed my general exam DBQ, and the VA physician down played my condition. she...
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    have few questions on DBQ, timeline and NARSUM.

    I was referred to MEB for a single medical condition which is liver disease. During the VA claim process, I claimed anorexia as I am not able to eat because of loss of appetite. During my c&P exams with the BH provider, he diagnosed me with depression and anxiety and recommended that I should...
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    update MEB or ETS

    good to know your meb request was accepted, are they going to extend your contract for you to finish the med process? or your ETS is still 19 JAN 2019, I am just curious to know.
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    PCM did not submit a NarSum

    your PCM does not write a narrative summary. Your NARSUM is completed by an MEB physician. Your PCM submit referral for MEB and all he needs to do that is to write the condition that require you to go through MEB/PEB
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    chronic liver disease

    Thank you sir, I spoke with my commander and shared my concern. she said she understand but still can give her own opinion. Hopefully she will change her recommendation.
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    chronic liver disease

    Thank you sir,
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    chronic liver disease

    Thank you for your input. I checked the retention standard for my condition and it is a disqualifying condition. I don't meet retention standard with my condition and I have medical documentations . basically I will be found unfit. does the commander's letter influence the disability rating once...
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    Trying to get boarded for hep b, liver problems

    having a same issue, I was reffered to the MEB by my provider,
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    chronic liver disease

    I had and acute hepatitis 24 months ago and I am still undergoing treatment. my profile ended 5 months after the acute phase and I have not been on profile. Even-though I have episodic discomfort due to my condition which is now chronic, I have been able to take APFT and do my job. I was...
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