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    100% Total VA rating question

    I am a medically retired Army soldier and last fall I was off work from my full time employer due to some surgery. I went back to work but was recently diagnosed with cancer and am going back off work on short term disability, there is potential this could run in to long term disability...
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    Record Keeping Question - Permanent vs. Temporary Documents

    I am a retired reservist with the US Army. I have 24 years of service. I was medically retired following my deployment to Iraq. My MEB/PEB is complete, my VA case still has some appeals in progress, and my CRSC rating is in. I am not yet receiving concurrent receipt but, I expect to qualify for...
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    Waiver or Appeal CRDP Eligibility?

    I am a retired reservist with the US Army. I have 24 years of service. I was medically retired following my deployment to Iraq. I'm told I can't receive concurrent receipt until the age I would have normally retired. However, I would have continued to serve until age 60 (the age of a reservist...
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    Reserve Officer Retired with Active Duty Benefits, are they for life?

    Greetings, I was deployed to Iraq in 2004, I returned with extreme migraines. I was medically retired with a 60% rating, credited with nearly 7 years of service (24 years of reserve time)in 2013. I am on the permanent list and I presently receive benefits at the rate stated above. In other...
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    Need Benefit Information 24 YR Reservist-Medically [email protected]%

    I have retirement orders in hand, effective 11 MAR 2013. I was injured at FOB Falcon Iraq in 2004. I have a 20 year letter (with 24 good years) but, I have always been a reservist and I do not have a good idea of my new benefits that I will be eligible for. Unfortunately I'm getting the run...
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    Promotion upon medical discharge

    Good news, my Retirement orders were ammended and my Rank was corrected. I contacted the folks at Walter Reed, the number on the bottom of my retirement orders and sent them this quote. **NOTE: Disability Separations and Retirements A Soldier separating for a physical disability receives...
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    Promotion upon medical discharge

    Forgive me but, I thought there was an exception for someone medically retired who was injured in combat? I'm a newly promoted O4, Oct 2012. My retirement orders cut January 23, 2013, indicated I'm an O3. Shouldn't it reflect the new rank? What about the pay grade for retirement? Will it...
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    I am an Army Reserve Soldier (with a 20 yr letter and 24 'good'years)I was injured during my tour to Iraq in 2005. After just over 6 years, I've finally been medically discharged with an Army rating of 60% and, I"m on the Permanent list. I was promoted to Major on October 2012 and my...
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