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    Va claim done but confused.

    Unless your ratings are combat related or you retired in addition to the VA ratings, you are witnessing the OFFSET; Meaning your total entitlement is 3,017.60 between BOTH the retirement AND VA; Unless part of it is combat related or you retired through the 20 year mark; 1309.6 + 1,708.80 =...
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    VA Issues Statement of Case, Refuses BackPay. Thoughts?

    Thanks sir! E-benefits is officially showing the latest appeal...along with the second appeal still open and the first one in UNKNOWN status (SOC not an official status lol)
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    VA Issues Statement of Case, Refuses BackPay. Thoughts?

    Jason, I was not reservist, I was active duty; However, reading through your dialogue I must say that the case was transferred from Rhode Island RO to Muskogee RO to do this. I know it was probably a mistake, but frustrating mistake to say the least. I have filed an NOD to that affect, another...
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    VA Issues Statement of Case, Refuses BackPay. Thoughts?

    Alright, I got a bone to pick now! I just about got done with the appeals process. SOOO CLOSE to a flawless(big picture flawless) VA experience. I received my rating decision yesterday and I was happy to see the finalized 100% rating! What I was NOT happy with was to see the effective dates! I...
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    Post Seperation Appeals Timeline - Start to Finish (100%!!!!)

    August 19th - Received Rating Decision outlining 100% reception. ----SEE NOTE August 20th - Partial backpay deposit into bank. Ughhh....the VA jacked up my backpay!! I was supposed to get 13k-ish....I only got 1300...I literally thought my eyes just read the number wrong..... More details in...
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    Post Seperation Appeals Timeline - Start to Finish (100%!!!!)

    Hello Everyone! I know I have not been on for a bit but I just received the news today and I wanted to share not only the news, but my experiances POST SEPERATION. Now I know that this is a PEB forum, however, the lack of information available to the public after the military is still lacking...
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    Terminal Leave?

    It all comes down to that NLT of 90 days; If your PTDY + your leave exceeds the NLT date, then yes, you will have to sell some leave. Otherwise you can combine the 20 days and your leave to take terminal. This is what i did. I only sold back about 1.5 days of leave.
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    MEB Process?

    I really urge you to read through the forums; Every one of your questions are asked/answered weekly if not daily. The amount of information on this site is enormous! Here is a tip: go to and search like this: YOUR SEARCH GOES HERE Example: SSDI...
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    VASRD Schedule of ratings—musculoskeletal system Acute, Subacute, or Chronic Diseases

    The VA uses "VA Math"; It is based off of the remaining ability versus the added disabilities; The best way I have heard it explained was by TSgt Twitch; Think of it like a football field, You start at one end at 0% disabled. 50% disabled moves you to the 50 yard line (50% of the remaining...
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    retirement compensation?

    Unfortunately the best thing you can do is just wait; The DOD percentage (the percentage that gets you the retiree card at 30%) is only for conditions deemed as contributing to making you unfit for service. That is of course if they find you unfit. AKA, just because you claimed the other items...
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    Spinal Cord Damage after ACDF

    You are doing the best thing right now in ensuring that everything is documented. As a recipient of a massive fusion myself, I can tell you that the nerve symptoms change daily. The fact that the numbness is receding it a sign that healing is still taking place. However, the spinal cord...
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    SSDI Hearing This Morning;

    Alright; A little bit of background, I was discharged with 90% in July 2013 and was injured Sept-2011; The alleged onset date was the 12th of December, 2011 (the day I went and seen my spine specialist and he limited my activity) So, fast forward to almost 2.5 years later, I get my SSDI date...
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    Denied SSDI because of income

    No, I am using a network civilian provider, no bases near tulsa.
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    Denied SSDI because of income

    Wait wait wait; If i get approved for SSDI, I am forced to use medicaid? WTF, I would be forced to switch my current PCM... I love my PCM and my tricare....
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