I'm a 38 year old Staff Sergeant and have served in all three branches of the Army. My first enlistment was in 1992, which was the summer of my senior year of highschool ( delayed entry). FT Leonard wood was my place of basic and AIT for five months, mos was 51B carpentry/ masonry specialist and reserve unit was a engineer company out of North Attelboro, MA. I stayed reserves for seven years, got out and then enlisted into the RI ARNG and reclassed to military police. I was with them for five years, would of been three but stop loss dampered that idea but I did deploy to Iraq for the first invasion and hung out with 3ID in Falluja for awhile. After redeployment I told my unit what to go do with themselves and a few years later enlisted in the regular army as a 88M motor transport. I have to say that was the worst decision I ever made, I always loved being a MP but when your married with kids and your the only bread winner and the army wants to offer you almost $20K to reclass, well I guess to got to do what you got to do right. Anyways I am currently stationed at America's best kept secret ( please!) and awaiting on the VA in seattle to come up with my percentages so I can hang the boots up once and for all. In my time I have deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, africa and Honduras. I love being a Soldier but miss being a civilian and will always cherish the good memories of what I've done and the fine women and gentelmen I had the privledge of serving with.
FT Drum NY
BN Master Driver


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