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    TDLR Reevaluation timeline

    Retired Medically April 2012- 100% VA, 90% DOD TDLR Re-evals done with DOD and VA hospital on august 2013 Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get your results from the reevals? I live in the same city as my regional office and have been lucky with getting correct information in and...
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    Has anyone been rated for more than one Mental Health condition?

    I have mine clumped in to one (around 4 different illnesses)
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    TDLR re evals

    Okay, Does anyone else have any info on this?
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    TDLR re evals

    Does anyone know how the re evaluation process for those on TDLR will be affected by the government shutdown?
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    Contentions: obsessive compulsive disorder (Increase)

    Yes, that's the same information on my TDLR paperwork. But I was asking if anyone knew what " contentions ( increase)" means. I called the 1-800 and the rep on the phone didnt know either so I was wondering if anyone else has seen that note on Ebenefits before in their compensation status.
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    Contentions: obsessive compulsive disorder (Increase)

    Air Force, I went through the new IDES system.
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    Results from 1st TDRL Evaluation...

    Can Jason represent someone in a different state? For example, I live in Arkansas, If I need representation could I employ him?
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    Contentions: obsessive compulsive disorder (Increase)

    This is what is posted on my Ebenefits Gathering of Evidence tab. What does it mean? I am on the TDLR and just finished my re evaluations a few months ago. The results of which are overdue, they were due the 14th. This condition is one of many under the Mental Health portion and it is at 70%...
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