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    DES Outrage of the Week # 1 - DoD Finds Yet Another Way to Deny Benefits for PTSD

    Originally Posted by mascabn : Okay I'm on a roll. I have contacted Congressman Costello, Senator Dick Durbin, everyone I have in my contact list, 60 minutes, my local you paid for it reporter (who is a fearless pitbull), and will follow up with all, and think of more people to contact. Thanks...
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    VA to hold a Mental Healthcare Summit to change Ratings

    VERY WELL PUT...Yea, I wasn't trying to say it shouldn't be posted. I guess just trying to be optimistic. LOL! I am hoping it goes well for ALL OF US!
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    Back injuries rating

    The back is horrible for rating. I don't know why considering all of the issues that can stem from a back injury, and then they say the other stuff is "secondary" to the back injury. So, it's very retarded. All I can say is keep fighting for what you deserve. If you end up with less than 30%...
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    VA to hold a Mental Healthcare Summit to change Ratings

    Honestly, this could be a positive thing for many; but at the same time could be a negative thing for many too. I say we don't get down about it, just hope for the best. I mean we all know the government can rape us at any second, should we be really surprised by this? In my opinion, we should...
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    WTU Soldier-- Social security benefits

    My social worker told me today that it's weird because it seems like once the Social Security Administration sees an attorney, they grant it. This doesn't mean you NEED to get one, because he also told me that the SSA has been granting more and more vets/warriors that benefit. So, it's not...
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    Latest news on Nidal Hasan....

    I have been trying to keep in the loop of Nidal Hasan...the shooter at Fort Hood on 5 Nov 2009. Here's the latest I have found in case anyone cared to follow. Wish we would hear more. Nick
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    Happy Birthday to Jason!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! Thanks for everything to everyone! YOU ROCK MAN! LOL.....enjoy YOUR day! nick
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    IPEB after only 2 years! Please help

    XENO-I did not mean for that post to be rude at all, and would never do such. I just find it to be very difficult for all the above. I mean like me for instance; I had a definite cause and effect to my injury. Caused for sure by military service. Yes, I only had 2 years in myself, but it has now...
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    IPEB after only 2 years! Please help

    XENO-is it either person's fault though? I personally believe that if they had to choose between who got the better rating (even with the two being totally equal in the disabilities, jobs, w/e) the one with 17 years in should! Just should. Is it fair, in a way YES. In a way NO. I have a lot of...
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    IPEB after only 2 years! Please help

    airbabygurl: Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in your post. The DoD needs to change the rating criteria for back issues considering the severity of issues that can happen with back injuries. I, like you, had just under two years in the Army and was separated from Active Duty with 10%...
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    Question on Leave

    Once you are found unfit and receive your orders then you can coordinate your Sep date with your amount of days left on leave. For instance I had 45 days of leave. Scheduled to Separate on Sept 27....ended up leaving mid August. So, hopefully all is taken care of with your board and all so that...
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    What to do?

    Ok so, I found out the HARD facts. Mark was given the vaccinations-suspected to be the Anthrax shot that caused the Anaphylaxis shock. Mark was hospitalized at the ER outside of Fort Dix, twice for episodes. Now, due to those incidents he swells up in multiple areas from time to time (cheeks...
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    What to do?

    This is for a friend of a friends-his name is Mark. Mark retired from the PA National Guard (PANG) a couple years ago. I know he did some time active, serving in the Gulf War, and also in Iraq. While preparing for deployment at Fort Dix, Mark was receiving the "shots" during his pre-deployment...
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    Sciatic Nerve Damage

    Dubber25: I too have the same pains. Everything started out as being a "SI (Sacroilliac) Dysfunction". Led to extreme bouts of pain in the back. And then into the radiating "shocks" of pain, known as sciatica. The sad thing is, I can deal with the sciatica pains, it's the darn "torturous aches"...
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    MEB results..What do I do?

    Has a doctor put you on bed rest for you radiculopathy at all over the past years? If so, for how long? One thing to remember is the whole being rated under "incapacitating episodes" rather than ROM. If you can show documentation for these incapacitating episodes and their frequency, then you...
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