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  • hello brother, you seem very knowledgeable about this MEB process. Currently i just found out that i have been put in Medical board about two weeks ago. The problem is that my doctor put me in for med board under a different diagnosis and now i am worried and anxious about my situation because i might no longer have the chance for retirement. Now the problem is that i have combat PTSD, and i was diagnosed with PTSD unspecified last year 2019. Now, when i moved here in this new command, and see this doctor, we undergo PTSD treatments and talked about my experience. All of a sudden, when she decided to put me in for Medical board, she decided to put me in for Medical board under as "severe reactions to stress" now, under that diagnosis what is the likeliness of me getting DOD retired at all or my chances?? Thank you.
    Congratulations to your selection as a "Super Moderator" on the PEB Forum! Take care! :)

    Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer!"

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