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    Currently separating after 11 years, and nobody has brought up a MEB for me. Should I request one?

    A profile is just physical limitation document given to you by a health provider it usually just applies do doing morning PT like walk at own pace and distance, no upper body exercises no lifting over 5 pounds to ruck marches no field duty it can get quite extensive but that is the gist of it.
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    Periodic Examination after 4.5 years on TDRL Questions

    You have to just wait it out I also retained outside legal counsel because a reduction in my DoD rating was out of the question it was all premature they continued my rating and offered PDRL I accepted. Its really up in the air if the DoD wants to make you go to exam or not they can also do what...
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    Navy PEB Investigation

    It was over administration separations for MH in lieu of a MEB now admin separations for MH issues has to be approved at the secretary level.
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    TRICARE Eligibility

    You can also enroll via milconnect online
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    Question about 4138

    Unless the PTSD is combat this is kind of unnecessary all MH orders are rated the same based off of social and occupational impairment.
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    Help With CRSC Amount.

    As @RonG pointed out on the bottom in the remarks it states thats this is your retroactive statement.
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    Ankylosing Spondylitis and Anthrax

    There is a link between the two since you been in for eight years providing the nexus is not required and you can just be directly service connected for it.
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    Referred to the MEB for diagnosed conditions by On base Doctor/Diagnosis changed during C&P Exam now what?

    The specific diagnosis doesn't matter all MH disorders are rated the same.
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    Sites to recommend and not recommend

    I was very disappointed when MDME hid their information behind a paywall and immediately removed it from my bookmarks list. Veterans Law Blog has some good content but Chris Attig has became increasingly political over the years and I have stopped visiting his site. The sad realty is that VA...
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    Migraine C&P

    They offered me 0% for the exact same exam you had I filed an increase two years later they bumped up to 30% I appealed to the BVA and the judge granted 50%. The migraine exam has to follow the rating schedule exactly or they will low ball you.
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    Make sure you get all your medications from express-scripts when you go to the doctors they ask what your primary pharmacy is fr most people thats a CVS or Walgreens unless you need the medication ASAP always have them process it from the mail in pharmacy it will be free that way...
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    AFROTC, Prior Service, DD214 RE code 1, Medical red flags

    I know two Veterans that were denied medically for the Air Force because of prior injuries one commission and the other enlisted both were able to get into the Army though just keep that in mind if that is something you are willing to do. The Air Force rejects applications at the highest levels...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    @Provis The reality of the situation is that if you don't have a sick or dying face to your disability cause the chances of it passing are slim. Major Star was dying and it was clearly linked to overseas exposure he put a lot of heart into getting this passed and now hes gone so everyone...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    Major Star has passed away Senator Tester has promised to re-introduce the bill. This is more than enough of a reason to get behind this bill.
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