Dec 22, 1980 (Age: 39)
Jackson, MS


My timeline
Hospitalized 3 times for over 30 total days in the summer of 2014
Diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis early October 2014
October 15, 2014 - 1st LIMDU and PRT waiver (all but weigh in)
March 15, 2015 - 2nd PRT waiver which triggered PEB
April 2, 2015 - Offical start date for IDES
April 7, 2015 - Met with MSC at VA Jackson, MS
May 6, 2015 - Completed C&P exams (3 referred for PEB and 18 total for VA)
June 2, 2015 - C&P writeups complete and sent to NAS Meridian
June 25, 2015 - Met with Dr. at Meridian because the nurse practioner I worked with before could no longer write the NARSUM
August 7, 2015 - MEB completed with recommendation to refer to PEB and I reviewed my NARSUM. There were some small errors which the Dr. said she would fix without a rebuttal
August 28, 2015 - NARSUM fixed and approved, package mailed to PEB
September 15, 2015 - PEB started to review my file and contacted the PEBLO to see if my package was supposed to be more than 82 pages. They lost 936 pages. Luckily I had my own copy. Went to Merdian, they copied what I had and resent it to PEB
September 18, 2015 - PEB received the missing pages.
December 3, 2015 - eBenefits now has 2 claims. My original one still says "Review of Evidence" and the new one, with today's date, says "Claim Received"
December 10, 2015 - eBenefits original claim status changed to "Preparation for Decision"
December 16, 2015 - eBenefits changed to "Pending Decision Approval"
December 17, 2015 - eBenefits changed to "Notification letter sent"
January 13, 2016 - PEBLO says new report shows I am at QA stage (happened sometime in last 2 weeks)
February 3, 2016 - Findings are in! 60% DOD and VA TDRL
February 29, 2016 - Got my retirement orders for April 27, 2016.
March 10, 2016 - Checked out of the Navy and started terminal

Total time is IDES from start to retirement date is 391 days.


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