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    Navy TDRL Contact Info

    Did you ever find the number? I am almost at my 16 month point and have moved. I can't find this number anywhere so I can update my address.
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    Got My Findings! Timelines

    I took my house/job hunting in conjunction with my terminal. It was 38 days of leave and 9 days of my house/job hunting. I could have taken the other 11 days but there wasn't enough time.
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    DoD and VA pay right after DD-214

    You get the VA money first (tax free) then you get the difference between that and the 70% DOD taxed.
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    Got My Findings! Timelines

    I picked March 31st and got April 27th. I am actually glad that it worked out that way since it took a month to get my orders after I signed my findings.
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    Got My Findings! Timelines

    I got and signed my findings on Feb 3rd. Got my DD-214 on March 10th with a retirement date of April 27. My e-benefits still says "Pending Decision Approval"
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    TDLR/Separation Message

    Congrats on finally getting it all done. I am surprised they gave you such as close out date. I already on terminal and at my new job and my out date isn't until April 27.
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    My timeline

    Checked out yesterday and started terminal today. It feels really weird know my time in the Navy is over.
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    How Long For Orders

    Thanks for getting back to me. Mine finally came through, timeline below. Glad it all worked out for you and good luck with civilian life.
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    How long did it take you Sailors to receive orders?

    I signed mine on Feb 3 and got the message saying when to retire on Feb 29th. My actual orders (which can't be cut until that message is sent) were written on March 7. I requested March 28 and was given April 27. Checking out tomorrow and then starting terminal on Friday.
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    My timeline

    Cool. Good luck. I had that major before I joined the Navy and still program for a hobby.
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    My timeline

    I requested March 29th and got April 27th. I'm sorry about the job. Good luck with your degree. What are you studying?
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    My timeline

    I'm sorry that your package got lost but glad it is getting straightened out. My date was for 3 days before the end of the month after my requested date (april vice march). Though I am glad now things worked out for that. I was able to get 9 days house hunting and 39 days terminal approved so I...
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    Is My Timeline Unique?

    I didn't appeal anything and signed all paperwork they day I got it. You can see by my timeline below that you were very lucky compared to me.
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    My timeline

    @martines when did you sign your findings? They do the orders in batches. My orders actually had about 15 people on them. It all came as one message with all of us having the same date.
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    My timeline

    I asked them for the status. I actually got my orders on Monday ( I was out of town) and the actual date is April 27. Luckily I have enough leave saved up I can still check out and go on terminal next week.
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