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  • Jason,

    I have another question. How important is the Commander's letter? I have two different orthopedic surgeons doing reports saying that my condition is not going to get better and is in fact causing other conditions. (I have degenerative bone on bone osteoarthritis and since my gait has changed to compensate the pain in my left knee, I know have a bone spur in my right foot) Both surgeons feel that since I am unable to deploy, unable to fulfill my RSV training, not able to PT and not able to complete basic military stuff, that I should retire. I am an E-7 with a little over 20 years Active duty. I was told today, by my commander, that he feels that I should stay in. I am in constant pain and the only thing that is going to help according to my doctors is replacement knee surgery which they don't recommend until I am 55. (I am currently 39) How much do the doctors opinion play in the equation versus the commanders letter? I am very confused and all I want to do is retire and take off these darn boots. Sorry this is so long, but I have reached the end of my frustration level. As always, thanks for any advice you can give me.

    Do you mean 20 years or 20%. If you have any unfitting condition over 20 years, you will be allowed to retire.

    If you have less than 20 years, you need to reach 30% to be retired. That decision is just for the PEB to make. I do not agree that the MEB gets it right about what is likely to happen. I have seen the gamut of outcomes after any MEB recommendation (and remember, the MEB does not recommend ratings, just whether or not the conditions are disqualifying). It really takes looking at the facts of each case and seeing what merit it has for rating purposes.

    If you look over the site, you will see the issues, from fitness determinations for each condition, to rating issues.

    Hope this was helpful.
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