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    What are the prospective outcomes?

    Hello, dear fellow Servicemembers, Veterans, and Advocates. I am being medboarded through the Army. Depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder are my boardable conditions. NO PTSD. I'll be honest, I had a real suicide attempt (alas, failed) in 2010, and was further hospitalized 4-5...
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    What happens to ADSO if medical discharge is warranted

    I have civil schooling ADSO which extended my contract. What happens to ADSO if MEB discharges me out? I hope I don't have to repay anything.
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    Can temporary profile renewed many times be presented as evidence of the condition?

    Is it permissible to present LIMDU or Physical profile as a medical evidence?
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    How to stop MEB and request a reclass/rebranch?

    Is it feasible? what are the legal hoops to jump through? Thanks.
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    What happens if your conditions get worse after the packet sent to IPEB location?

    How do you present aggravation of your conditions?
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    Is minimal TDRL/PDRL pay 50% of High-3 or 50% of 50% of High-3

    Hello, I gave DFAS calculator a try but at 30% disability pay premise it does not return 50% of base pay. What is exactly included in calculation? Gracias.
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