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    Dental Benefits - a crack in the system

    Your condition is not 100% Permanent and Total. If it was, you would not receive any more examinations on the 100% rating you have. If you are scheduled for future exams, they can decrease your ratings at any time - even the 100% one. I was 100% for 3 years with 7 rated conditions I received...
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    Earning scholarships while VR&E pays tuition

    How would they know? It like using the VR&E money for a certification class for your job and then your job reimburses you for passing. Its all about how ethical you are.
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    CRSC for UAV Pilots?

    Rnsy8s ... You should put yourself in for a Purple Heart since you fell off your chair somewhere in an air conditioned, climate controlled environment when your coffee mug spilled on you and burnt your hand. 100% PTSD, really? No way. i call BS.
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    Help with Ratings please

    I wouldnt think 10% for both neck and back would be great ROM and fit for duty
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    New here and not sure

    Get a National Service Officer that can help you with your claim or VA related compensation. The VA will screw you every chance they can get. Veteran's of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, etc. They work for you and its free of charge.
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    TBI / C&P Exam

    They go by your highest facet being 3 the highest. Im not sure what 2 severe means? It should read as, "facet category X - 3" for severe memory loss. If you have just 1 facet being the highest as 3 and rest 0, then you will get the highest percentage awarded. I had a facet of 3 for severe...
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    TDRL re-evaluation for PTSD

    Thanks for the info. When I medically retired I was 90% P&T from DOD and 100% from VA. Does anyone know since they combined my PTSD with TBI, do they do a re-eval on the TBI also? Since I am 70% for both combined, how does that work out since I was 70% for TBI and then they just combined PTSD...
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    TDRL re-evaluation for PTSD

    I also have an 18 month re-eval for PTSD at the VA next month after my medical retirement date. I keep searching on here for information on how long it takes and for how long. What I have read is conflicted information. One says they continue the re-eval if you aren't getting better or getting...
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    Vets Who Commit Crimes: Madness or Badness?

    Its a shame... with Routh... He proposed to his girlfriend and a day or two earlier and everyday and the morning of drank whiskey and smoked pot laced with PCP.. Sounds like he knew what he was doing ssdlawyer.. What a shame.
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    Group 3?

    Priority group 3 has several categories to put you in it. You are most likely in the: Veterans whose discharge was for a disability that was incurred or aggravated in the line of duty
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    Confused about VA Letter taking away my benefits/percentage without review

    When I received my official Army retirement orders from Walter Reed it states "Percentage of Disability: 90" and then retirement allotment and code: PERM DISABILITY/12". "PDRL has been approved and effective 15 FEB 2014" And of course my VA ratings are 100% TDRL According to the NSO they could...
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    Confused about VA Letter taking away my benefits/percentage without review

    I am in group and go to individual therapy for PTSD and also see a Psychiatrist. Its weird that my NSO today said the letter was true and I should see a reduction. VA didnt even give me an apt in the mail to interview me or go over the notes in my groups. Im not sure what to think if they just...
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    Confused about VA Letter taking away my benefits/percentage without review

    Everyone thanks for the information. What I meant was I am 90 P&T Army and 100% TDRL VA. I believed they labeled my PTSD as it might improve or decline and added it in with my TBI - which has gotten worse and is shown in the data from groups and my Psychiatrist's notes. Ive attended so many...
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    Confused about VA Letter taking away my benefits/percentage without review

    I am 90% P&T with DOD and 100% TDRL with the VA. Since the VA combined PTSD and my TBI into one rating at 70% I was told by the VA they would send me back every 6 months to reviewed about my mental health and PTSD - which has not changed but got worse. Below is a letter that states they are...
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    UAV count as combat ?

    I hope you didnt fall off your seat on the floor and spill your coffee giving you 3rd degree burns. You would have been granted a Purple Heart and CRSC. What a joke.
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