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    C&P ROM Question

    You need to post this as it’s own thread.
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    You need to ask this on a separate thread.
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    Terminal leave

    Thank you both for your answers!
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    Terminal leave

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. But I am awaiting to find out if I am unfit or not. But, question is, will I still be able to take terminal leave? I have 52 days saved up as of now and my DOS (end of enlistment) is 13DEC17 currently, unless AFPC finds me unfit then I will go through the...
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    Don't know what to do anymore..

    Just an FYI for your GI Bill, if you get honorable discharge you should be able to keep it, but it won't be the 100% because you have not had 24 months continuous duty (w/out including basic). I only have 60% of my GI Bill because I was in for 18 months (including basic).
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    Anyone get rated for Gastritis/GERD?

    On the website "" it mentions something about appealing (might not be correct choice of words) when the VA uses the term "improvement due to medication" as an excuse for a lower rating. Check into it.
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