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    Just Starting this whole MEB thing

    learn all you can about range of motion and what the VASRD says about range of motion and percentages. No matter how bad your (back/hip) is or how much you've done (chiro/physical therapy/acupuncture,injections, etc....). All that will matter at the end of the day is your RANGE OF MOTION...
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    VARR going on 5 months; this can't be normal - HELP!!!!!!

    That's horrible YellowHammer that it took so long! It's like those that operate the system forget that behind these files and emails are real people. I will keep pushing on. Thanks for sharing.
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    VARR going on 5 months; this can't be normal - HELP!!!!!!

    OK here's the BLUFF: - Began MEB process 19 Sept 2013 - was found unfit for two conditions: DOD 30% - VA 90%/ I have over 20 Active Federal Service Years - FPEB Aug 2014 - It went very well. The board was professional and receptive - FPEB determined that I should be found unfit for one...
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    PEB Playing Tricks

    mmmmmm.......Well I kinda understand it but I'm sure they are trying to speed up the process somehow for you. I had a VARR initiated from the JBLM PEB in Aug 2014 and I am still waiting for the VA to rate one condition! Maybe they are trying to save you time on the back end when your ratings...
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    meet WBU Criteria but still denied

    Thanks T man! I appreciate your guidance.
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    meet WBU Criteria but still denied

    I have been in the MEB Process since Sept 2013. I had a favorable Formal PEB in Aug of 2014 and have been waiting for ratings, I am still waiting. I have been found unfit for PTSD/MDD/Bulging discs/and a foot issue due to botched surgery. In past two months I have been diagnosed with Lupus...
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    Question,s about varr/appeal timeline

    I've been waiting since Aug 2014 for my VARR. I was initially told it should be back in two weeks to 30 days; that was five months ago.
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    VARR Timeframe?

    I"m six months in waiting on a VARR. so disgusted with this process. MEB started in Sep 2013; Formal PEB Aug 2014, went in my favor and Its Jan 2015 and I'm still waiting for the VA to rate one condition. I'm on JBLM. Maybe yours will not take so long.
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