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    Back door to WTU / MRP2????

    I think HRC can bring you back
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    injured before 30 days of active duty

    This may be a stretch, but I'm guessing here based on what you wrote. The Army may think her injury was pre-existing because no LOD
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    QMB while in MEB

    Well IMO I think his command is not correct. Because as I understand it, and someone correct me if I am wrong, I dont think that his unit can impose a QMB only the Dept of the Army. And his unit can only impose a Local after he is reassigned back to his unit after he comes off AD orders not during.
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    QMB while in MEB

    If he is in a WTU then he is under AD MEDCOM authority 12301h, which makes him AD until he comes off orders. That is why they told him that when he comes off orders and he returns to his unit he will be discharged. Read AR 601-280, this may help.
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    Recoupment of Reenlistment Bonus.

    What is on your DD 214 for your seperation code (SPD)?
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    Recieved Discharge Orders

    Not sure but I think I read somewhere that the 15 but less than 20 only apply to those incurred injury not in the line of duty. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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    How did you lose your federal job? Did your injury prevent you from continuing to do your federal job?
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    Change in policy for Reservists in WTUs

    Did you sign a declination statement the first time?
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    Doesn't say anything about Veteran's dependent.
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    soldier getting admin discharge before MEB

    AR 635-200 1-33a should apply 1–33. Disposition through medical channels a. Except in separation actions under chapter 10 and as provided in para 1–34b, disposition through medical channels takes precedence over administrative separation processing. b. When the medical treatment facility...
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    Regulations relating to MEB/PEB

    Is your injury combat related?
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    2010 NDAA

    If approved and signed by the President it seems the 2010 NDAA, sec 660 will amend the 2008 NDAA, sec 647. Where Reserve/NG retirement under age 60 starts from Sep 11, 2001 rather than when Bush signed the bill on 28 Jan 2008. Anyone else read the same?
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    9/11 GI BILL

    carnelli53 I am a reservist currently on AD. Actually, I thought I had messed up when I went on the VA web site VONAPP and didn't see my application. I had to go to the DOD web site to view it (you need a CAC card to register) and there it was, approved.
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    9/11 GI BILL

    Just received word that my Post 911 GI Bill transferability to one of my kids was approved, woohoo
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