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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    I knew who my VA case manager was. My PEBLO gave me his information when I was first starting this process. But I don't know if he is the one who dealt with my VARR case.
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    Air Force MEB Process Questions

    Firstly what is the main issue that you are being sent up for an MEB? Typically only one issue will be your MEB contention, and the rest will be for VA compensation. For instance I am being MEBd for my knee pain, but also have issues with my ankles, opposite knee, and right hip because of my...
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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    VA math is very complicated. In order for me to go from 70 to 80 percent, I had to receive a 30% increase on one of my claims. Here is a website that you can use and mess around with ratings to figure out what your overall will possibly be. VA Disability Calculator | Disability Rating &...
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    MEB help

    More information will never hurt you. It actually helps because most of these people that see your records only have the information provided in the narsum or medical notes that they receive. So this helps "paint a picture" of your medical issues and how they affect you.
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    Disability rating

    Unfortunately with the information you have given us, we would be unable to speculate what rating you would receive. We would need to see the information you receive after you complete you C&P exams and you receive your findings.
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    Thank You PEBForum!!!

    I just wanted to make a post and say thank you all who have helped me through this entire process. I received my VARR decision today and received 40% DOD and 80% VA. Again I thank you all and just want to say if you are currently going through the process, don't settle if you feel you aren't...
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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    I am very happy, I went from 10%DOD to 40% and 70%VA to 80%. I know this is typically a long process but fight for what you think you deserve.
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    Timeline for 3 fails shoulder surgeries

    When you go through your Narsum, make sure everything is noted. Example for your shoulder if you have more than just pain, like instability or weakness or ROM issues make sure those are input in there. My MEB was for my knee, I have had 5 surgeries and my note was MEB for pain. That almost...
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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    My attorney called me yesterday and gave me some really good news. He said he was able to see the results of my VARR, but he wasn't supposed to tell me what they were for some reason. So now I am just waiting for the results to be sent to my PEBLO so I can go sign them. So overall it looks to be...
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    Appealing a second time?

    What exactly is your question?
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    X3 Left Knee surgeries

    If you are unable to complete your job and physical training aspects of the military then you can expect to possibly be put for an MEB. But an MEB isn't guaranteed. Now, if it does come down to an MEB your rating will be based on ROM, painful ROM, and instability. They do not care how many...
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    VARR Timeline

    It differs for everyone and what region you are in. I am stationed in Okinawa Japan and I'm fairly certain my stuff goes through Texas. I submitted a VARR for one condition on August 2nd and found out it was completed on August 15th. I haven't received my findings yet as we are a day ahead in...
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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    It's amazing how often stuff gets lost in the military period. Everything is done electronically nowadays. The problem is there are too many separate systems that don't talk with each other. We have ebenefits,, and several others that are "linked" together, but don't actually cooperate.
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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    It wasn't something my PEBLO knew of until I asked him if he had any way of checking on an update for a VARR. When I first asked he said he wasn't sure cause he hadn't been asked that regularly. It took him a couple days but he got back to me today saying he was able to see that my VARR was...
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    Current VARR Decision Timeline

    My PEBLO reached out to me. There is a system he was able to access and see the status of my VARR. My VARR was completed today 14August2019 and it was submitted 2Aug2019. I don't know if the quick turnaround is a good or bad thing. But my PEBLO just told me it says completed, he doesn't have the...
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