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  • robs42 Any chance you have a go by for a navy hospital corpsman? Bilateral shoulder tears doing a command team building skills before your picnic last summer, left knee meniscal tear with osteoarthritis, and bilateral foot and ankle arthritis with binions. [email protected]

    Thanks Norm
    Hi robs42, in the thread titled "I Need AF Commanders Letter Example" you mentioned that you had some formats for commander's letters, etc. I realize it has been awhile since that thread, but if you still have those, would it be possible to share with me. My MEB just started and I want to get a jump on everything.
    Hey robs42, I have never talked with you before but I saw some of your posts about your scs. I just received news that they denied mine for my cervical. Just looking for some more info on fighting this and what I can do. I'm still ADAF serving on limited assignment status code c-2. Continued cervical and left arm pain over 2 yrs after ACDF surgery c-5 c-6. Thanks man
    HEY ROBS42

    What was the outcome of your board?

    I got my SSDI retro to DEC 2007 - original start date of JUL 2007, but they take 5 months.

    They have just kicked in my MEB and I begin the exams mid-SEP at Ft. Lewis.

    Have hired Jason to represent me.

    So what did you finally get out of the military for ratings and such - were you on the joint VA/DoD program?

    Thanks! Expiring minds wanna now!

    Very best regards,
    Back at cha Robs42!

    West to the SSDI hearing this past tuesday. My attny. said she thought it went well and believes I will be awarded SSDI. Currently keeping fingers crossed she is right. I will know for sure in about 6-8 weeks when Social Security sends me their decision letter.

    Just curious robs42, how long did it take for the Social Security people to begin paying you? How long did it take for you to get your money after you got your award letter? My attny said they would have to back pay me to OCT/NOV 07. Did you get a lump sum? Just curious as to how this time piece works.

    I am still waiting to go through the joint VA/DOD MEB/PEB process at Ft. Lewis. It could very well end up that I will be in receipt of SSDI BEFORE I enter the military PDES process. Wonder if that has any effect on the military ratings or the VA ratings?
    2ND PART!!!!!

    Docotors said they would aprove it beacuse i have two VA hospitals less than hour from me and also My wife lives in are house back there because she has been going to school. Thought i was getting out sooner so she moved back because a friend offered me really cheap rent at his place. And i have to be out with in the month because they are moving lol!!! So im in a pickle here. i cant afford two houses and she in school and lives at are house. Trying to set up for succes not be broke when i get out.

    please email me at [email protected] if you can help at all thanks for your time
    Okay my med board was sent up to DC last Week. They told me that i Have 5 - 7 months till I get my findings, I will be found unfit i already know. I EAS less than 6 months, im stationed in the infantry in 6 regiment North Carolina. I cant deploy and do not have time on contract to do so or train. Im basically floating in the infantry. THE QUESTION: Can i go TAD or duty move back to Minnesota i have a house less than 30 minutes from MEPS, and Reserve base or I&I or something?
    Hi robs42!

    Would you be so kind as to view my latest posting about AD Wounded Warrior pay and SSDI and let me know your answers on this. I go to SSDI Judge next month and my attny. thinks I'll get SSDI and retro/back pay to OCT 07. I'm wondering if SSDI will pay me while I'm still in the AD Army and getting wages from the military. I sure could use the SSDI money now - more than ever. Hope I don't have to wait until I TDRL/PDRL. Coming up to starting my MEB this Fall at Fort Lewis.
    I saw your message you left in my thread... Anyway, I wasn't aware I could make a SS claim! If you have time, could you please explain it to me, and how to go about it? First I've heard of it. Thanks
    Sir, I am currently in the US Navy, been in 17 years and I have PTSD, today they put me on limdu, this is the second time I have been on limdu. I'm stressed about lossing my retirement if things are not back to normal after these next six months. It's not like a light switch where I can turn it off. [email protected] Please I need help I have spent too long just to be told you get no retirement.
    Hey man,

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. I have followed your ordeal with ss and am glad to see you won. I am in the SA area and was recently denied. Can you recommend a good lawyer? I contacted binder and binder and those idiots don't even understand the WW precedent. Thanks in advance. Buy you a beer!
    Jim West
    Sup dude? How have you been? I haven't been around for awhile and just wanting to catch up man....hope all is well. Let me know!
    hey man you have builtgypsy's email addy? I lost the last one he gave me and would love to hear from him

    thanks man

    Do you still have copies of appeal/support letters? I'm in the process of trying to get together enough evidence to appeal a fit finding, and not be admin separated.

    Hey haven't heard from you in awhile! Hope all is well my friend! Keep me informed!
    My first sergeant went to talk to the PEBLO today...and she told him nothing. He went because my commander is inquiring about my status. She said I'm at ten weeks and then admitted I'm at 12 weeks (day 85 do be exact) and she whined about how I need to chill out even though I havent talked to them at all in two weeks. This is frustrating. How little they care...
    I don't think the unis will have a problem paying for a rental car as I will be flying into to SeaTac and then traveling to Ft Lewis.
    Morning sir, I have read so many of your posts and totally respect your opinions and advice. I had a question about how to get a surgery that I could benefit from while my MEB/PEB is in the beginning stages. I am a Marine active duty going through the process at a reserve base. The Navy doctor that is doing my MEB/PEB is not willing to let me have the surgery until the process is done. I need my fusion redone (L4-S1). Any advice is greatly appreciated!
    I need your help. I got a letter back from AF stating that I am rated at 30% disability for PTSD and will be permanently retired. I am rated 80% with the VA. Should I fight for a higher percentage?
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