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    Aug 2011-notified of MEB proceedings Aug 2011- C&P appointment Jan 2012- Army evaluation and now we wait. My PEBLO said I could be done by June or July at the latest. I am really hoping it is sooner. I was supossed to be done according to the timeline for the IDES by April. June makes it...
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    Is This True Or Are Soldiers Just Confused

    I'm waiting my NARSUM and so are several of my feelow soldiers. Whenever we get together and begin talking someone always brings up something that I have not recieved in any briefing. Since we all go to the same briefings with the same people I am wondering if they are not understanding what...
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    Negative Commander's Letter

    Thanks for all the replies. I was looking through the threads and noticing what different people had written for different situations. Up until I read it here I didn't even know the commander was required to submit a letter to the board.
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    Negative Commander's Letter

    I have concerns about the commander's letter. My current unit commander is very much a good ol boy and runs the unit like it's his personal fraternity. Late last year I was going through a rough patch medically and we clashed over my "bad attitude". While my attitude has improved- so much in...
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    Starting Process- What to Expect

    Here is my story. In 2007 I PCSed to Korea. After a few months there I began having problems with my lower back. It finally got so bad after a field problem I went to sick call. The doc there took one look at me and ordered Xrays. From the Xrays I was told to get a referral to a neurosurgeon and...
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    Hi all. I am Romeo46 which for those of you schooled in Army MOS lingo is a broadcast journalist. I have been in the Army for 10 years this June and I am currently stationed in Texas. I found out Tuesday I will be going for a Fit for Duty evaluation on March 31st. I have a lot of questions about...
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