Colorado Springs, Colorado
Retired U.S. Army; Retired Oklahoma State University


Path for CRSC Forum: LINK <----
Here is a perfect example of the information needed for a computation of CRSC for a Chapter 61 retiree:
-- The high 3, average of highest 36 months basis pay, ($3610).
-- I was approved for 70% DOD in my medical retirements, which is $2527.
-- I have 14 years and 10 months and 27 days of active duty
-- I receive 90% VA with is $2359.19 with include SMC-K with is $108.57 I have a wife and 3 kids that are under 18 years.
-- Approved 80% CRSC-- wife and 3 kids that are under 18 years.

--I don’t qualify for any other retirement.


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