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    Air Force PEB Update II

    One more way the Air Force can screw over AF personnel seeking FPEB. Rush them so they are behind the gun...
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    Hey Falcon, no time no see! Glad to see you won in the AFBCMR. Please send me a copy of the...

    Hey Falcon, no time no see! Glad to see you won in the AFBCMR. Please send me a copy of the decision. -mac
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    someone help....confused and now anxiety getting to me

    It's not over until the fat lady sings... Like the stock market- it's all about long term gains. If you start second guessing everything it WILL drive you crazy. I know it's hard not to do that but for your own peace of mind, don't read anything into it. The only thing that matters right now...
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    I Don't Understand the MED Board.

    Jeep, sorry to hear that. Wish you could've dragged it out to 20. Dextman- The short answer is "BOTH". If I were you I would drag it out until you have your 20 AD since you're well within range considering you have 19 now, AND THEN let them medically retire you.
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    Questions about meb Board Process & severance pay

    I believe (unless it has changed), the most a Service Member can receive is 75% of base pay after being medically retired even with a 80%, 90% or 100% DoD rating.
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    Sudden stop of Incap Pay...Fit for (light) Duty???

    ANGI-36-3001 is nothing more than a rehash of DoD 1241.2 with ANG forms thrown in.
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    Sudden stop of Incap Pay...Fit for (light) Duty???

    1st problem: The memo is dated 15 Dec 2007 and expired 180 days later.... 2nd problem: In the memo "they" state the memo prevails other Air Force instructions...this is incorrect. United States Code (USC) is the LAW. This is known as primary law. (1) DoD Directives/Instructions are...
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    Should I appeal

    Legal counsel and legal representation are two different things. Let me get this straight...they found even more conditions during your MEB but you still only were rated at 10% during the IPEB? Good luck.
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    Should I appeal

    BTW- You're late in the game. You should've had professional help developing your case PRIOR to the MEB. The majority of cases (at least 80%), that have to be appealed to the formal PEB are because the MEB package was screwed up or the MEB package didn't have all the medical conditions of the...
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    Should I appeal

    Another advocate with a proven track record is Mike Parker or "Ma" Parker.
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    Should I appeal

    You have EVERYTHING to lose if you do not appeal an unfavorable decision. I recommend that you talk to someone who actually has experience appealing to the Formal PEB with a PROVEN track record who specializes in this area of law, ASAP, to find out the following: 1. If you have a case AND 2...
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    ptsd n tbi claim

    Something isn't right here...
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    Should I appeal

    Good luck with that...
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    Should I appeal

    There's a HUGE difference between Jason giving you "free" advice out here and him representing you as your contracted attorney. It's night and day. If you were going to any court that could cost you hundreds of thousand of dollars, would you rather have an attorney actually represent you at...
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    Should I appeal

    About 80 to 90% of all cases I've seen from people who have appealed their decisions at a Formal Physical Evaluation Board without an experience DES attorney or using the Government attorney's have failed, which makes it even harder if you decide to appeal further. If you appeal your decision...
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