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  • Are you still a PEBLO at Ft Carson? Just sent to Carson and PEBLO in Kansas never returns my inquires.

    I have a question for you regarding the TRANSPROC list and receiving orders. From my understanding, I will have to assemble multiple documents to take to the transition office at JBLM. This would include the DA 31. If my BN commander disproves my leave (which is about 99% likely) will the transition office cut orders with a separation date that is still 90 days or will it be sooner?

    hi is there a chance i can get you to check into a bit more detailed info on my meb process i ask my peblo and she doesnt even pick up a pencil... i wouldnt be upset if she would atleast pretend to look haha.
    Hello Mr. Roberson. I hear your the go to guy with PEB Q&A, if you can please help me with some issues in regards to my IDES active Army case the would be greatly apperciated.
    Hey Just wondering if you can help me in understanding why it is taking so long for my 199 to come back from the PEB. It has been a month!! My PEBLO said it would be done in a week and then disappeared on 2 weeks of leave and hasn't returned my calls. My email is [email protected] thanks for your help if you can do anything that would be awesome man.
    BTW, I called the VAs 1-800 number and the person on the phone said that it was in the developmental stage and that's all they can tell me.
    Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!
    Sounds like me and you are in the same loop of confusion.
    Hi, MY PEBLO contacted me and said that my DOD ratings came in but she did not want to disclose it yet until I receive my VA rating. My paperwork/claim is currently at the Seattle RO since May 13'. How do I go about finding out my ratings?
    Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!
    I have seen that you are the go to guy for everything PEB. I was wondering, if you have the time, if you could assist me in locating my 199. My MSC stated that it was sent back to the PEB two weeks ago. However, my PEBLO can't tell me where it is and gives me different answer every-time I call. My email is [email protected] if needed. I appreciate the help and time brother!
    Sascha: can you give me info I started my MEB in Sept-26-12 I got my unfit 7 Jan13 and have been waiting since then to get my ratings can you help me everyone says you got a crystal ball my personal contact is [email protected] I hope you can help. Thanks in advance for anything.

    Hello. Could you possibly assist me in finding out if I am on the TRANSPROC list? I signed 199 last Friday. I'm not sure if a week is a long time but going by the average it seems to be. My name is Matthew Fullen, Fort Gordon.

    Thank you for your time and sorry to bother you.

    I am reading all of these post and have noticed that your are the go to subject matter expert on these issues. I am just frustated that I have an unfit but no one can tell me if the 199 is completed or being completed. If you have the time available can you look into my case.


    BTW my email is [email protected]
    Sascha, my package was sent away back in February and I have not heard anything yet. My PEBLO says she cannot see anything that has happened with it. Reading on the forums, many people have gotten a fit/unfit memo in just a few weeks. I was wondering if there is a way to see if anything has posted? If you can offer any help or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Hi Sascha,

    I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. I got my unfit letter on December 3rd, so now at close to 140 days waiting on my initial ratings to come back.

    Any help/advice or assistance that you can provide to me I would be very thankful for.


    Anthony Monfet
    [email protected]
    Hi I noticed on this site that you are the go to about questions on the status of med. packets. Husband started this in Nov 2011 & signed NARSUM in Oct 2012. Peblo contacted in Jan. Husband needed to clarify a few things with a dr. appt, took place Jan 23. He has contacted everyone he can. No answers. Can you help in any way? His name is Matthew C. Tennill, Ranger, 3rd Batt. email is [email protected] Thanks!
    Hello Sascha , I have seen and heard you can help out in checking the status of a board, i am currently two months since my board has been sent to DC , and have not had any luck on getting a status. the VA in Chicago is not to nice when i ask about seeing if theres a way to check. My name is brent sanders my email is [email protected] . Thank you!!
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