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    MST Med Board

    Hang in there, it took just under 4 months for them to adjudicate me. Now Im looking at 3-6 months before I get orders to separate. If you dont have CG legal counsel yet reach out to Michael Yedinakh [email protected] Hes is squared away and been very helpful.
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    Central Sleep Apnea 100% or 50%

    Thank you all for the replies
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    Central Sleep Apnea 100% or 50%

    I guess the million-dollar question is do all three parts of the criteria need to be met. It says OR not AND. Good or bad I'll keep you posted, we're going to find out eventually
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    Central Sleep Apnea 100% or 50%

    I did three sleep studies earlier this year and was diagnosed with CSA. I was given a V-pap to see if it would help, but it actually made it a lot worse. I've tried several different settings with this machine (RESMED) directed by the sleep doctor but nothing worked. During that time I went to...
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    Central Sleep Apnea 100% or 50%

    Has anyone heard whether or not CSA is considered chronic respiratory failure with co2 retention either by the DOD or the VA. I am being separated for it
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    My timeline

    Thanks for sharing, keep us posted on the CRSC journey if you dont mind;)
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    My CG aviation story/timeline

    My wife had enough of me waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air. I went to the flight surgeon asking about sleep apnea. I was immediately grounded, so I figured it was a good time to talk about some issues I had focusing during flight duties. A good friend of mine took a flight...