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    IDES Timeline

    took 71 days from signing to hit the list, then 90 from that
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    Sooooo a lot of you have been saying, "man I signed my 199 in June why don't I have orders." Prob because people in April and may haven't even been processed yet. Yea got it we all have lives and cannot plan for the future you are not special. Stop calling the PDA. How would you feel if someone...
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    IDES Timeline

    Hawaii is at a stalemate my friend. Everything is longer and longer. 67 days since I signed my 199, no TRANSPOC list.
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    Need help with rough timeline estimate.

    Signed mine almost exactly a month before you. Still waiting on TRANSPOC.
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    Does MEB overrule chapter?

    Really this is a legal question, you should consult your base JAG office for assistance. We can hear say all we want but that wont help what is happening. Talk to a lawyer.
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    When can I expect orders

    Woot Woot, Day 67 of awaiting TRANSPOC
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    Signed my DA 199 now what?

    Got it understand that. There both related in a way.
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    What is everyone's day to day like?

    You should still have a profile.
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    Orders anyone?

    51 DAYS to have the PDA process it. Apparently its a two part process the PDA final approval then the issuance of orders. Sooooooooo 51 Days and the PDA still hasn't approved it. Think im going to sell every leave days just so im done.
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    Orders anyone?

    No Got a phone call Monday morning, and while it not being a violation of a regulation, there are there to assist Service members. He called the PDA and they told me this week or next week should be on the list.
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    For those of you in Hawaii

    I have the Chiefs number too if you have an issue
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    Signed my DA 199 now what?

    64 dyas since I signed my 199.
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    For those of you in Hawaii

    Yup its at the Oceanside Entrance right across from the welcome desk. Door on the right in that hallway. 808.433.2539 is the office phone number.
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    Orders anyone?

    I got IG involved this is BS that were waiting so long. Man I cant wait to get the fk out.
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    Medically seperated to medically retired

    I apologize for the wrong info. The boss has spoken. I wish you luck in what you are trying to accomplish.
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