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    Yes. The date the med board found you fit is entered into the personnel DB, it'll show up on your ERB (Army). That will be used to qualify you despite the profile.
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    mypay/crsc/backpay question

    Normally, you just wait. Backpay will show up in your bank account on a random day and then will be part of your calculations on the statement on the next one after that. It can be easy to miss, since your CRSC deposit on the 1st will look normal. Took about 2 months for me, I'd give them 90...
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    It is very good proof that your benefits should be granted.
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    Newly Refered into IDES. Left confused.

    Maybe. I think it might be terminology confusion. What form, who told you, appeal what. . . some things are definitely missing in order to make sense of what is going on. Looking at your timeline, I'll hazard a guess. Things get confusing because the entire process is sometimes called the...
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    Second MEB initiated

    From the examples I've seen the PEB always justifies this because of the lack of profile/LIMDU. Diagnosis isn't enough. Interference with work also needs to be shown. Profile is best/easiest way for medical people to document why this diagnosis means you can't do what is expected (unfit), but...
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    MARADMIN 229/17 No more MEDHOLD?

    Extensions while in a MEB have always been voluntary. I have Soldiers refuse to do them. Ultimately their choice, the MEB process gets some people super frustrated. You can only sell leave when separated. Reenlistment comes with a discharge then a new contract, which is why you have the...
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    Second MEB initiated

    Ask your PCM for a new profile to include the new condition. This will make more sense to them. Then what should happen is the MEB should then add the new condition as also possibly unfitting. You are a bit far along for that. Likely you'd want to argue at the formal hearing to add this new...
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    ebenefits letter fourth question: Q. I am currently on active duty and will not get my DD 214 until I am separated or retired. Is there any other official documentation that I can submit with an application package in lieu of the DD 214 to verify that I am eligible for...
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    Asking 1 more time, need answers... LAS

    Very very hard to know. It really depends on if they want to. Critical career field helps a ton. So individual to your case. What your commander says can make a huge bearing on the application it seems. I wouldn't. SECAF seems to have a higher success rate though. I'd start the paperwork...
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    PLEASE read this if you want your case sped up!

    I am going to disagree. Ultimately we are both just talking about our personal knowledge of a process we both have limited visibility into, so we could both be hugely wrong. Just a different perspective. What seems more likely is none of them had any real access to the status of your case...
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    any P3 warrants a med board. A med board can be for multiple issues. Permanent means they have given up on fixing the issue. 3 means it causes a serious limitation. Apnea is usually a 2, because the cpap is only a moderate limitation, but not always. Others could be a 1, 2, 3 or even a 4...
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    PHA or Fitness for Duty Exam

    A fitness for duty exam is initiated by the commander. Commander basically says to PA hey write me a profile for this guy (usually because of mental health stuff). All you want is to talk to the doc about a profile, no need to wait on the commander. Bringing in civilian doc info is fine, it...
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    MEB is started based on a permanent profile. So it will depend on their belief in being able to treat you to the point you can return to full duty. A conversation and when you'll be "better" and work accomidations/restrictions should naturally lead into profiles and hence into when/if a MEB is...
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    Profile interpretation

    See your career counselor to talk about reenlisting. You will ETS as normal if your MEB does not start. Your career counselor should be able to get both you and command on board with it being a good option. The profile is supposed to be a big red flag to everyone that your MEB needs to start...
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