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  • So I guess I'm not certain how all of this will work out, especially since we still have limited communication. My anxiety is very high at this point because I honestly just want to know how he is doing. He wanted this so badly and will be crushed if this is the end of the road for him? Is there anybody I can call to get answers? Or at least check on his condition?
    Also he will be needing reconstructive surgery for a prior hernia that had been repaired when he was younger. However it is now recently aggravated. He was told he could return no sooner than 6 months, upon evaluation. My question is will he receive any type of compensation for his down time? As I'm assuming it will take awhile for him to recover. I am very new to this.
    I'm not sure how this site even works. I have a question though. My husband is in the process of being chaptered out of the military, in his fourth week of boot camp, due to injuries sustained. He was on active duty and already had orders to be deployed 3-4 weeks post graduation. He now has two broken hips. Two fractures on his left hip and one on his right.
    Hello! Looks like you posted directly to your profile page. If you're hoping to get more visibility and advice, it'd be best for you to post on the discussion forums. In the upper left of your screen, near the Home link, there's a link for Forums. Just click on the link and select a forum that seems most appropriate for your question. Then post create a forum post. You can have longer posts there too!
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