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    IPEB offered 40% PR for acute DVT's, thinking of going to the FPEB. Thoughts?

    Keep in mind, if you fight it, it is possible to lose the retirement, and be given TDRL or severance. I understand you have been through a lot, and the DoD has retired you. If you are eligible for a higher rating, the VA will most likely rate you that way.
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    I've seen this happen down here a lot, once you are actually in PEB STATUS, your EAOS does not matter anymore, if you are given retirement, GREAT, but what if they say you are fit for duty, right out the door you go. Talk with your limdu coordinator, sometimes the NCC doesn't know the latest PEB...
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    CRDP with PDRL?

    If you are PDRL Retired at 40% with less than 20 years and VA disabled rated 70-80%, can you receive CRDP? If so what is the process of doing so? I've read some places that you can qualify and read on Dfas website that you cannot.
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    FPEB for Crohn's

    you need documentation on your condition. YOU SHOULD LOG ALL THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE TO PRESENT IT TO THE BOARD. Date, time, issue. If you dont get at least 30%, the VA can always up your percentage as your condition worsens. Consider Remicade infusions, it may lead to a higher rating because you...
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    April 21 accepted Formal board results

    My orders came withing 2 weeks of signing off paperwork
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    Crohn's Disease MEB

    Congrats Zach. I hope you can continue your career without medical problems. I wish you much luck if you have to go through this process again.
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    PEB Results in Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Depression

    My end of service is 31Aug11, should my first retirement check be on or around 01Oct11?
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    PEB Results in Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Depression

    Just received a yellow envelope from the VA saying that my claim has been processed but since I'm still active duty they are closing the file til the receive a letter from me stating to reopen and process the claim along with my dd214. I need add something to my claim, I was put on a coal...
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    PEB Results in Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Depression

    I went through the legacy system with a a marine colonel line officer heading the board. I filed my claim with the VA in January and they tried to tell me that I don't have AS or any type of arthritis for that matter without visual x-ray proof. They took x-rays and then called me to inform me...
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    PEB Results in Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Depression

    Percentages 30% - Crohn's 10% - Ankylosing Spondylitis (rated under 5240) 10% - Depression 40% PDRL 31AUG11 separate
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    Need Guidance and Advice

    Hope it works out for you. Knowing is half the battle. (GI Joe) The other half is luck. (Me)
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    Need Guidance and Advice

    Firstly, I would only consult legal assistance if you need to appeal your findings. I did not require legal representation, but I had a JAG Navy Captain briefed on my situation the whole time in case representation was needed. Secondly, how do you already know the dod has service connected your...
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    Need Guidance and Advice

    Yes, it is very possible to get 30+ percent. However, you must have everything well documented. For your spine condition you are going to need a ROM range of motion test, most likely from physical therapy. Everything has to be documented in a certain way to meet the criteria of the VASRD. My...
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    PEB Results in Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Depression

    It would have been much harder without your assistance Mike, I think you may have brought the heat on with some of your recent debates. I'll send you copies the paperwork in PDF when I come back off leave.
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