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  • We have so much in common you and I. I was wondering what the outcome of your case was. I am bipolar also and often switch from wanting to stay in to getting out and also popped hot for pot (once after I got raped I smoked) never before or since then wouldn't ya know it? I am going along with the doctors NARSUM and commanders letter and not fighting it for the fact that I want to get home and get on with my life. I deploy every 6 months and can't handle it. I don't know if handling a weopon would be a problem for me but I don't think it's a good idea. Any thoughts/info/opinions/outcomes you have would be helpful as my package just got sent out today... Thank you! =D
    Hey! Would love to keep in touch about the whole MEB Process and see how both of us are moving along! Good to find someone that is at carson going through the same thing I am. Hit me up on AOL: FryCommo or Yahoo: Slightly_amused_85
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