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    6 month eval on mental conditions with VA

    Yeah lol. I meant permanent retirement. And I do have an appt. in Oct.
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    NEW Fort Bliss Timeline

    The CRSC is a seperate issue that I will look into later. I could have appealed that now but I would be stuck in this hell hole for another 3-6 months. Not only that but I purchased a business that I must take possession of NLT 15 March. So, naturally, appealing at this time made no sense...
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    6 month eval on mental conditions with VA

    They're actually doing them 6 months out now. Mine is scheduled 6 months out due to PTDY but that will likely be the LAST time and I will be switched to PTDY. That's how it was explained to me.
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    NEW Fort Bliss Timeline

    I appealed it once during the NARSUM stage and won. Without that appeal, it would probably be 20-30% Army and 70-80% VA.
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    NEW Fort Bliss Timeline

    60% Army and 90% VA
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    NEW Fort Bliss Timeline

    The way it's working now is I have to turn in my DA31 before orders are issued and I can start clearing.
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    2012 Active Army IDES Timeline Tracker

    I'm clearing as of today by the way!
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    2012 Active Army IDES Timeline Tracker why are you giving me a hard time over getting everything I can get from them?
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    NEW Fort Bliss Timeline

    I start clearing tomorrow!! YAY!!!!!!!!!
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    My unit has been HORRIBLE. It started immediately after I got injured. I was passed over for promotion because I was on profile. That's against regs but they did it anyway. I was treated like crap because I was suddenly a dirtbag due to being injured and I sought medical care for...
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    PEBLO Complaint; how to file/who to file with

    I would suggest filing an ICE complaint. I know that, here at Ft. Bliss, our Commanding General sees all of them and he does respond. You should be able to file it on your installation's web site.
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    Terminal (Transitional) Leave Question

    I would suggest starting a new thread with your questions because you will get more responses that way. Here, they could get "lost in the shuffle."
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    Comprehensive Narsum? Help Narsum Process. I dont Understand!!!!

    Yeah, unless you're at Ft. Bliss then your NARSUM can take 5 months like mine did...heh.
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    Time from signing 199 to terminal leave at Ft. Bliss?

    Welcome to PEB forums, you have come to the right place!! Although I haven't signed mine yet due to some errors, I have a general idea of what SHOULD happen. The next thing that should happen is that your orders get issued and you start clearing. From what I have seen, most people are gone (on...
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    2012 Active Army IDES Timeline Tracker

    In fact, Mr. Perry himself also said that combatives counts for CRSC on this very site. See
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