December 31


10/02/2012: Army P3 Profile Issued for Spondylolisthesis (Go ahead, look it up)
10/11/2012: Attended MEB briefing
10/31/2012: VA Compensation & Pension Exams completed
01/18/2013: NARSUM signed and sent to PEB (LOD Issue, DON'T PCS AFTER INJURY!!!)
01/28/2013: Received copy of Unfit Memorandum from PEB to VA
06/14/2013: VA Compensation Claim (Waco, Regional VA) on eBenefits marked as "Complete"
06/16/2013: New VA Compensation Claim started (Seattle, PEB DRAS) on eBenefits at "Preparation for Decision"
08/23/2013: Received monthly call from PEBLO, was notified of proposed VA ratings in the PEB/VA tracking system
08/23/2013: Status of current eBenefits claim changed to "Pending Decision Approval"
08/26/2013: Saw proposed ratings of 10 DOD/60 VA at PEBLO's desk
09/17/2013: Status of current eBenefits claim changed to "Gathering of Evidence" and "Requested Separation Documents" under required documents
09/23/2013: Received memorandum from PEB/PEBLO about reevaluating my Adjustment Disorder for Fit/Unfitness
09/27/2013: Received MEB response to PEB confirming fitness of Adjustment Disorder
09/30/2013: Reviewed and signed DA199 with same disability percentages as before
10/04/2013: Received memorandum from PEBLO titled "Notification of Disability Separation" letting me receive separation orders
10/07/2013: Turned in DA31 with current amount of leave into Transition office
10/08/2013: Received separation orders and clearing papers, Final out on 10/21, ETS on 11/16
11/16/2013: Last day of Terminal Leave
11/18/2013: Received severance check (Make sure to ask for a "Final Pay Worksheet" for proof of this payment)
12/27/2013: Current eBenefits claim closed, new eBenefits claim opened (date of 11/17/2013) with status of "Pending Decision Approval"
12/29/2013: Final eBenefits claim closed, notification sent, VA letters populated on eBenefits
01/03/2014: Received VA Rating packet in the mail
01/07/2014: Received first VA Compensation payment


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