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    Unemployment and Medical Severance Pay

    Unemployment services are not allowed to use any disability payments in their calculations of your benefits, but they are required to know about it. Report it and if they have any questions, they will contact you. I know the TX office contacted me and asked for my DD 214 to verify (which...
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    Fort Bliss Complete IDES Timeline

    Below is my IDES timeline. I spent just over a year active duty time and my VA claim completed 45 days after my terminal leave ended. Post a reply if you have any questions.
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    when do i get my seperation pay?

    I took 26 days of final leave which ended on 16NOV13. I received my severance check on 18NOV13. I did my board through Ft. Bliss.
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    Fort Bliss Timeline FY2013

    Not really. Just be aware that most offices are run by civilians and they open before 0900. And call for a CIF appointment as soon as you get your clearing papers. The CIF wasn't too concerned with everything being in perfect condition, just that everything was getting turned in. It takes at...
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    Fort Bliss Timeline FY2013

    I am finishing my MEB at Fort Bliss this week. I did not get placed in a WTU. It took a year from referral into the MEB process to receive final notification and DA199. Once my DA199 was signed, it has been going very fast. I've already received my orders (separation, not retirement) and...
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    Adjustment Disorder news

    As an FYI, I received my CAD memo from the PEB yesterday. This was after my eBenefits changed last Tuesday to "Gathering Evidence" and "Requested Separation Documents". I assume this means that my VA ratings were done after 226 days of processing and the PEB has my ratings back from the VA...
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    Preparation for decision

    I am not satisfied with my ratings, but I have not seen the specific ratings for my injuries, just the totals. I also do not know if my packet at the PEB has caught up with the new Army Adjustment Disorder procedures. My PEBLO stated that my DA Form 199 should take about a week to be typed up...
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    Preparation for decision

    My eBenefits status changed to Pending Decision Approval on Friday! I also got a call on Friday from my PEBLO saying that my ratings were in the system. I went yesterday (Monday) and saw the ratings. Now I am just waiting for my DA 199!
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    Am I Eligibile for Post 9-11 GI Bill

    As I see it, your eligibility for the Post 9-11 GI Bill depends on your orders activating you for active duty status. If you were activated under Title 32 for training, then you are eligible. A reference link is below.
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    Preparation for decision

    I had my claim switched to Preparation for Decision a month ago. (My unfit memo was signed in January.) My PEBLO told me that my claim had been looked over for completion at the Waco VA (my regional office) and transferred to the Seattle VA office at that time my status switched on eBenefits...
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    Crazy combined the math

    The calculation is applying each of your disability percentages to your ABILITY TO WORK which starts at 100%. Each disability percentage (from highest to lowest) gets applied to the percentage of Ability (not disability) that is left out of 100%. Was your 30% a combined rating or a single...
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    TDRL and VA compensation offset

    You will file a VA claim as part of the IDES process. You will receive retirement pay (at your disability percentage for unfit conditions) until your VA claim is complete. At that time, you will most likely stop receiving your retirement pay (but not your other benefits, including Tricare)...
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    FPEB confusion (What can they actually do?)

    From what I understand, you need to apply for a VA Reconsideration (which is different from the FPEB) if you wish to change the percentage of disability for a single rated injury/disease. The PEB only determines whether conditions are fit or unfit. The FPEB cannot change the percentages...
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    Long QT Syndrome %?

    According to the VA Schedule of Ratings for Disability (Link at bottom), it depends on your symptoms. From what I read, it could be ratings 7010 or 7011 (listed below). Also, it looks that Long QT syndrome is a preexisting condition (genetic) and DOD/VA will probably not rate it unless it can...
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    Am I missing Something? Any Information/Comments Welcome and Appreciated!

    Hi, According to DOD (link below) a medical retirement is treated the same as a 20-year retirement. When you get to Transition to receive your retirement orders, you should be scheduled to attend a regular retiree brief at your military base that informs you on how to sign up for a new Tricare...
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